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Jan 26 2019

Claymore Mines Prove Nancy Pelosi Correct

Even by Washington swamp creature standards, Nancy Pelosi does not come across as reasonable. Yet she is right that walls are ineffective in comparison with more advanced technology. Take for example the M18A1 Claymore, a directional antipersonnel mine used by the US military as an “anti-infiltration device.” Since the fundamental purpose of the military is to defend the territorial integrity of the USA, which has been undergoing infiltration, Claymore mines could be put to good use:

Word has spread throughout the Third World that we do not enforce our immigration laws, and that anyone who sets foot on our soil and shouts the magic word “asylum” is essentially home free. Word will spread even faster if we line the border with Claymore mines.

The invaders eagerly subject their children (or other people’s children) to the dangerous rigors of invasion, knowing that their allies in our Fifth Column media will exploit the poor kids to best advantage. However, I doubt they would drag kids into a well-marked row of Claymores.

They might push them into one, provided cameras are in place to make the most out of the ensuing carnage. But that’s nothing inexpensive coils of razor wire wouldn’t prevent.

The border secure and Third World children left safe at home. Sounds like a win-win situation.

On a tip from Chuck A.

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