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Jan 05 2020

Climate Change Did Not Cause Australian Bushfires

Power-hungry leftists have predictably exploited the bushfires in Australia. Their moronic lies are used to herd idiots:

There may really be people who think “climate change” caused Australia to burst into flame, and that socialism would have prevented it from happening. Ignorance and stupidity are resources Democrats are happy to exploit and never seem to run low on.

Meanwhile, Australian authorities are trying to figure out what really did cause the bushfires; they know it wasn’t global warming.

Besides arson, possible culprits include lightning and the Indian Ocean Dipole.

An exacerbating factor is moonbattery:

Governments appeasing the green beast have ignored numerous state and federal bushfire inquiries over the past decade, almost all of which have recommended increasing the practice of “prescribed burning”. Also known as “hazard reduction”, it is a methodical regime of burning off flammable ground cover in cooler months, in a controlled fashion, so it does not fuel the inevitable summer bushfires.

Why would greeniacs want to mitigate the destruction caused by wildfires? “Worse is better,” as Lenin liked to say. Of course, this assumes that a large number of people are dim enough to accept the global warming spin.

On a tip from Lyle. Hat tip: Summit News.

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