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Jul 18 2019

Climate-Friendly Food From Thin Air

The Left disapproves of fossil fuels. Fortunately, we don’t need them. We can just create energy from thin air with wind turbines and solar panels. The Left disapproves of agriculture, including both livestock and crops. We don’t need that either. We can draw our sustenance from thin air too. It’s true; I read it on CNN:

Food tech company Solar Foods says it has created a natural protein source from a mix of carbon dioxide, water and renewable electricity. And it could hit the consumer market — and your plate — sometime in the next two years.

The Finnish company named the invention Solein and in its marketing is calling the product “food out of thin air.”

Here’s why we need to eat Solein:

Solar Foods also said that Solein is 100 times more climate friendly when compared to plant or animal alternatives.

The main reason moonbats disapprove of agriculture is that according to their dogma, it makes the weather be too warm.

As with green energy, this may require government subsidies to replace the old kind of food. Also like green energy, it might require coercion when the subsidies don’t work. Democrats’ Green New Deal already suggests banning meat. In another 10 years, they will ban normal food altogether, forcing us to live off Solein to appease the climate gods.

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