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Jan 22 2020

“Climate Hysteria” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

The thought police in Germany take updates to the Newspeak Dictionary so seriously that they have a special term for words that have been officially designated as politically wrong. Via No Tricks Zone:

The Unwort des Jahres (un-word of the year) is a new or recently popularized term used in Germany which a panel deems “violates human rights or infringes upon Democratic principles”.

The panel is of course comprised of moonbats. Keeping the Newspeak Dictionary as thin as possible in hopes that this will narrow our range of thought is a progressive priority.

Last week the panel selected “climate hysteria” as the un-word of the year.

Any word or term that can be used to undermine leftist ideology will eventually be removed from the permissible vocabulary. That’s the point of having a Newspeak Dictionary.

According to Wikipedia, the panel – which has no scientific expert on it at all, chose “climate (change) hysteria” as the un-word of 2019 because it “defames climate protection efforts and the climate protection movement, and discredits important discussions about climate protection.”

If only there were a scientist on the panel, maybe he could explain how leftist ideology makes it possible to prevent the climate from fluctuating the way it always has.

Yet those who do not succumb to climate hysteria are enemies of science. It says so right on Wikipedia:

In light of scientific findings regarding climate change, [the term “climate hysteria”] is misleading and irresponsibly supports anti-scientific tendencies.

“Klimahysterie” (climate hysteria) joins a list that already includes “Alternative Fakten” (alternative facts), “Gutmensch” (do-gooder), “Lügenpresse” (liar press), and “Sozialtourismus” (welfare tourism). In whatever language, these terms do not belong in the vocabulary of the politically compliant.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

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