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Jan 10 2019

Closing In on Zero Diversity in Land of Maxine Waters

In utopia, there is no discord, because everyone agrees. The district of conspicuously corrupt and thuggish congresscommie Maxine Waters is closing in on utopia — at least where academia is concerned:

A Campus Reform analysis has found that an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators at colleges in Maxine Waters’ California congressional district (CA-43) contributed financially to Democrat candidates and causes from 2017-2018.

The analysis found that 100 percent of college administrators and 100 percent of faculty in D-CA 43 donated to Democrat candidates or causes.

Yet the work of social engineers is not finished, even at Los Angeles colleges. A single staff member was found to have donated to a Republican organization, bringing the percentage of higher education employee donations that went to Democrats all the way down to 99.64%.

This thought criminal will get his due. Only institutions with publicly available donor data were included. It will be easy to identify the black sheep so that a major demerit can go on his permanent record. Even if this person is neither administration nor faculty, his presence could expose students to an alternate viewpoint, which might cause needless thinking — the last thing wanted on a college campus.

Diversity is mandatory regarding identity groups, because this advances Cultural Marxism. It is forbidden regarding ideas, because this could lead to someone challenging Cultural Marxism.

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