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Jul 12 2019

CNN Enters Tailspin

Too bad the “journalists” at CNN are not more in touch. If they ever ventured outside their bubble of liberal elite make-believe, they would be familiar with the expression, “Get woke, go broke.” It might have warned them. Clueless as to the danger, they plunged forward into the rankest swamps of moonbattery. The consequences are impending.

From a more trustworthy competitor:

CNN is suffering a credibility crisis as viewership for the once-proud network continues to crater with no apparent plan in place to fix things anytime soon, according to media watchdogs and insiders.

People seem to be getting tired of Jim Acosta et al. crapping in their hands, flinging it at Trump, and pompously passing it off as reporting.

CNN’s audience shriveled in the second quarter of 2019, averaging only 541,000 total viewers, less than half Fox News Channel’s 1.3 million average. But CNN struggled even more during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET, finishing as the fifteenth most-watched network on basic cable…

CNN’s bitter all-moonbattery-all-the-time format has limited appeal. More people watch Investigation Discovery than CNN during primetime. Fox News has more than three times as many primetime viewers.

“You know the answer,” a longtime CNN employee said when asked if staffers are panicked about the ratings decay before declining further comment.

Maybe they can fetch coffee at FNC — or learn to code.

The situation is so bad that CNN’s most popular show is the moronic Cuomo Prime Time. There are 14 programs on FNC with larger audiences.

Maybe there is hope. CNN will host a Democrat primary debate later in July.

The event would typically be a reason for optimism, but CNN announced on Monday that opinion host Don Lemon would a moderator, raising eyebrows…

Don Lemon is a figure of fun, taken seriously by no one. But he is gay and keeps his dials turned all the way to the left, which is presumably why CNN chose him over a competent journalist. His own show currently ranks 35th in cable news.

Doubly down on dumb is not going to help CNN turn its sinking ship around.

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