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Mar 22 2013

CNN Weeps for Steubenville Rapists

Steubenville rapists Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays received gentle wrist slaps for raping a 16-year-old. At CNN, Creepy Crowley et al. burst into tears of grief — not for the victim, but for the rapists. Although I would rarely advise watching the toxic trash that passes for news on CNN, this has to be seen to be believed:

The increasingly desperate network must be trying to outflank MSNBC on the left. Meanwhile, they tell us that conservatives are at war with women.

Ghost of FA Hayek and DJ.

39 Responses to “CNN Weeps for Steubenville Rapists”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    But you see Dave, when a Liberal does this, they are being ‘tolerant’ and ‘engaging’ and ‘compassionate’.

    Had this same report been on Fox, we would never hear the end of it.

    If Liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards AT ALL!

  2. chris says:

    Poor little rapist, his daddy never told him that he loved him. Lets face it he was crying for himself not the victim, if the verdict had been not guilty I don’t we wold have seen the waterworks.

  3. KHarn says:

    The slut had a hundred clams on the next game.

  4. TED says:

    Of course! The left ARE he criminals, she weeps for their own.

  5. Vic Kelley says:

    Crowley and her media cohorts aren’t the only ones crying over the case. A lot of yahoo news comments were from idiots who blamed the girl for getting drunk. Yeah, she was stupid to do that but the reason she was raped is because two adult males decided to rape her. The sympathy for the rapists is only because one of them is from America’s permanently favored minority – coloreds. And oh yeah they were aspiring to go to college and play football and make something of themselves. Who gives a crap they’re predators they deserve real justice rape should be a capital crime.

    As for ma’lik if obama had a son he’d look and act like ma’lik. As for Trent he should have never mixed with coloreds.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    Typical for a leftists news network the CRYING CHICKEN NETWORK to shead big fat tears for a rapists Its too bad the victim wasnt armed and sent this predator to the pearly gates

  7. Sweep the leg says:


    Maybe Ma-apostrophe-lik could rape the reporter on the scene, and then we can all cry for it again.

    Unfortunately, due to the mildly retarded, semiliterate March Madness!!!, no one will ever see this. These negroes rape and beat and steal from actual students every day at the colleges that take them in to bounce and run with a ball…

  8. IslandLifer says:

    Punishment for rape would be castration. Punishment for CNN passing off this BS as news would be banishment from the country after all assets have been seized and all employees receive 50 floggings. Libs are lucky I’m not in charge.

  9. Laurie says:

    Good thing it wasn’t MY daughter who got raped by those pieces of trash. When that crocodile-tear-sobbing “black victim” (who has his act down cold) came over and apologized, I would have broken his neck on the spot.

    Yeah, I’d be in jail for it, but I’d serve my term with a smile on my face knowing that REAL justice had been served.

    Nobody harms my daughter and lives to tell about it. But that sort of parental instinct is lost on liberals. All they know is their kids are nothing more than failed abortions.

  10. Bill T says:

    Wonder if she’ll be she any tears for poor misunderstood De’Marquise, he must have taken to heart the YouTube video calling for the killing of cracker babies.

  11. nick says:

    I wish they hamstrung them.

  12. Mark Johnson says:

    Tragedy for all. Poor girl, primary victim. Justice must be served. The boys earned it by their selfish and violent actions against her.

    In addition, but lesser, these boys are still puppies and not thinking with a full grown brain. They’ve thrown their lives away for a few moments of criminal behavior.

    I recognize the fury that a father of a violated little girl would have and would be tempted myself to lash out.

    I hope that the boys’ repentance is real and that they can take their com-up-ance like men and work through this with humility and a true change of attitude and behavior.

  13. Xavier says:

    nick, wait until they get out. Steubenville is right across the river from us and the victim lives in the same WV county we do. Folks around here regard their sentences as a joke and there’s plenty talk of street justice. Best thing for all parties would be to relocate and start over as quickly as possible. May CNN rot in hell for victimizing criminals and criminalizing victims.

  14. Ted says:

    I have had sex with drunk broads. The big mistake of these fools was to post this garbage on the net, I wasn’t proud of what I did. I was drunk & they drunk. But this is when I was 22 + out of the realm of parental supervision. Where were the parents? These were 16+17 year olds. The girl is a whore, don ‘t get so wasted and expect anything different. The guys are moronic animals for posting and being proud after the fact. She was a white girl and one of the defendants was black, remember race always trumps gender. So the outrage would be one million times if the victim were black and attacker white. See the lying black whore in the duke lacrosse case & Al Sharpton’s lying bitch tawana brali. Almost 99% of any “white on black” race crime in this country is a lie byorally bankrupt blacks.

  15. Skyfall says:

    Well, you have to admit, they cried and agonized over how awful and life-ending it was for the Duke Lacrosse players too.

    Oh wait.

    No, they didn’t.

    Note: according to Ms. Crowley, it’s “essentially” rape. I guess that’s why the whole focus was on the two football-player victims, not on that conniving bitch that passed out and asked for it!

    There is no place in hell low enough for progressives.

  16. born in 76 says:

    I wonder if she’ll weep for 17 year old De’Marquis Elkins for the heinous murder of that 13 month old baby.

    Hate crime? Nah….Shall we need a reminding?

    War is being waged yet white continue to bury our heads n the sand.

    I’ll be damned if some official tries to disarm me. We’re just getting a taste of whats to come.

  17. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Good thing this didn’t go federal, what with crossing state lines and all, the injustice department would definitely let the groid off, and probably the white one, given it was a white girl raped. The missing link has open season on humans. As it is, if she were my daughter, I’d wait for their respective releases. They would have accidents. I can be patient.

  18. Marno says:

    Shame that the corpulent leviathan Crowley will never experience the wonder known as a muh-dikking.

  19. Jimbo says:

    @Skyfall –

    I was hoping someone would bring that fact of REVERSE RACISM up.

    Thank you.

  20. Skyfall says:

    Why Jimbo, I’m shocked…SHOCKED that you would suggest those white supremacist Lacrosse players who took a poor, innocent black stripper/prostitute and didn’t rape her were victims of reverse racism! Those evil white devils had it coming, after what they did (which was the crime of being caucasian).

    Meanwhile, an evil white seductress gets drunk and passes out, thus seducing a couple of upstanding young teen football heros (one of whom is black, thus making this another example of white racism) into behavior that they NEVER would have engaged in otherwise.

    Candy Crowley is a saint, and has very deep feelings and concern for these two youngsters who only “essentially” raped and photographed that white harlot.

  21. Flu-Bird says:


  22. dan says:

    This senseless crime could have been avoided if
    they’d just keep their Burkas on…

  23. rex freeway says:

    The only time i ever see anything excreted from that faux news channel is on here. When they show the high rate of ignorance.

  24. Sweep the leg says:

    @ Mark Johnson

    – No, it wasn’t a “tragedy” for the negro. Jail is his natural place, and like My-koo Vick, I’m sure pro football teams are lining up, waiting to offer this piece of sh*t a job…

    – The “poor girl” was not the “primary” victim, she was THE victim. You are beneath contempt to characterize the negro as any sort of victim…

    – The negro has not “thrown his life away”. Rather, it is on hold for a few months. He’ll stay in football shape, and be considered a hero behind bars. The “poor girl”, on the other hand, HAS had her life ruined. That you cannot see the difference, indicates strongly that you are a typical negrophile. How are you enjoying March Madness?

    – The negro’s closing act at the court was just that – a pathetic, practiced act. The idea that it was allowed to wander over and get anywhere near them to offer it’s “apology” was as disgusting as it was outrageous. I’m 100% percent sure that you would have hugged the animal, and not “lashed out” at it…

    There are no hairs to split here, no “other” side of this story. We have enough spineless white men in this failed country. Go away…

  25. Kevin M in Auburn says:

    The onion was there first:
    Athlete Overcomes Rape (Onion SportsDome)

  26. Flu-Bird says:

    The bleedinghearts of the Chicken Noodle News

  27. Jay B. says:

    Mark Johnson
    Primary victim? There is no other victim, two young animals raping a young girl and bragging about it. Of course CNN will cry for the poor black who was just following his primal instincts.

  28. Dr. 9 says:

    One year for rape? Wow, you only see bargains like that at your local Target store!

    I wonder what sentence “Poppy” would think appropriate had they raped her? Or, would she have bought them each a new car?

  29. Angry Fetch says:

    Wrong sport…now if it had been LaCrosse…well then there’s a STORY!!!

  30. Robin Thomas says:

    The real crime is the “journalism” of this story. So a rapist got a year in jail! BFD. Crowley is a genuine nutcase. Fat disgusting stupid pig. Hopefully her clogged arteries will stop her heart to save us from her retarded spewings, and she can rest in hell where she belongs.

  31. octa bright says:

    @Mark Johnson
    1. Let’s turn the chess board around. Let’s say that two White jocks had done that to an Afro-American girl, would she have been so compassionate? See the Duke Lacross team.
    2. They also could have been sentenced for underage drinking which they weren’t.
    3. They could have been charged with corruption of the morals of a minor which they weren’t
    4. Would “Poppy” been so compassionate if she had been the one raped? I supppose that it could happen to Ms Crowley But that would require a huge amount of booze and absolutely no taste.
    5. These two boys have been given a wonderful chance to get ahead. They may still get that chance although it could be considerably harder. If they are good enough they probably will get a college scholarship and if they have the talent they can still have an NFL career. The girl that they raped will have a harder time of it unless she can get out of the area and probably change her name.
    6. For decades it has be the position that no means NO!
    Suddenly for this case the perps are almost as much victims as the girl. If the feminists had any interest in their non professional sisters they woud be screaming for blood over this clip. It is instructive that there is silence.
    7. In prior generations thes boys could very easily been give charge of running farms or small businesses.
    They at the very least of an age to have some competence in making moral decisions and being held responsible for the results of those decisions. They received very light sentences, far lighter then they probably deserved. They have been given the potential for a second chance. It would be nice if they would use it well but from what I know of human nature I doubt that they will.
    What we have here is the basic cotradiction of what happens when the needs of to privileged classes conflict. The whole system gets called into question. It should be ended.

  32. daPenguin says:

    So this is how shariah law begins in this country

    so the next step is honor killing the girl?


  33. daPenguin says:

    Father of the girl to both men

    no problem I forgive you by the way, me and my buds are going deer hunting this weekend and we would really like you two to come along to show you that we want to embrace you and not judge

  34. Jester says:

    Progressive criminals never “rape-rape” anyone.

  35. Flu-Bird says:

    In america your innocent until proven guilty and after you have been found guilty the media will sypithise for you ecsept if you have shot a armed robber in self defense

  36. David says:

    So CNN is crying a river for these two rapist. Sort of reminds me of Tawana Brawley. Oh wait, no such support for the white guys there. Or the Duke Lacrosse team.

  37. Glorious Rainbow Utopia says:

    Das Radio just had some moonbattery from pinko rat POS Red Turner the founder of the communist news network. The brainy Einstein heir Red Turner said China just wants to sell us shoes and we need to cut back on the military.

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  39. jarhead says:

    These two should have been tried as adults and given 25 to life!

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