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Aug 15 2017

CNN’s Propagandizing and Incompetence Go Over the Top in Charlottesville

NBC News — which has inflicted upon us the less than subtle propagandists Lyin’ Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, and Tom Brokaw — is better known for left-wing spin than for veracity. Yet it is a beacon of truth in comparison with the degenerating farce that is far-left CNN:

More news from CNN regarding events in Charlottesville, North Carolina:

What, you say Charlottesville is in Virginia? You say that’s why they put the University of Virginia there? Couldn’t be — not when I’ve heard otherwise from CNN.

On tips from Jester.

35 Responses to “CNN’s Propagandizing and Incompetence Go Over the Top in Charlottesville”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Media should be glad it didn’t happen in Springfield… there’s one in every U.S. state.

  2. MAS says:

    The propaganda push is so obvious that nobody with any sense at all could miss it. The silver lining, however, is that it will drive more away and make it much easier to identify the leftist zombies who still slop at CNN’s (etc) trough.

  3. TED says:

    THEY actually think we are as DUMB as THEY are…idiots!!!


  4. physicsnut says:

    NYTIMES and THE-HILL pile on
    by running the Narrative of Trump being responsible for Charlottesville, we get THIS RUBBISH from TheHILL – but there is a little problem – cred and collusion …
    // TheHILL this morning from BRENT BUDOWSKY; wants trump to kick out nazis.
    – but SEE emails with PODESTA below

    i saw a very interesting comment yesterday

    – first paragraph of comment kaPatience

    Actually the evidence has already been evident to any discerning person that the Clinton campaign has been behind the Russian Fairy Tale from the very beginning. Recall that Wikileaks published a December, 2015 email exchange between John Podesta and Brent Budowsky of The Hill in which the tactic of portraying Trump as a Russian puppet was devised. This was because Budowsky advised Podesta that Clinton was vulnerable when it came to foreign policy in the MENA (Middle-east, northern Africa) and the Russian angle would distract from her record there.

    so – PODESTA and his pals at THE HILL cooked up this RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative and the troll army has been pushing it ever since.
    see also

    and in any event, Trump had nothing to do with it.

  5. CNN’s ignorance is outweighed only by its arrogance.

  6. Ruthjkillion says:


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  7. TED says:

    NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. TED says:


  9. TED says:

    THE YEAR THEY finally came OUT of the closet!!!

  10. TED says:


  11. TED says:

    ..CNN Report: Millions Of American Voters May Have Colluded To Elect Trump


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