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Oct 17 2019

Coach Faces $500 Fine for Letting Team Score Too Many Points

Nothing could better sum up the mandatory mediocrity at the heart of moonbattery than a Pennsylvania youth football coach facing a $500 fine and possible suspension because he let his team score too many points.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Keystone Sports League, which is for children no older than 7, had ruled that no team was allowed to score greater than 30 points than the other team on the field. Coach Kyle Williams knew that he was dangerously close to breaking the rule as his team of young children already led by 30 but was unable to stop a 5-year-old boy from scoring an additional touchdown.

Williams did his best to hold down his team. He replaced starters with kids “who normally never played.” But he failed to keep the kids from trying.

Williams ran alongside the second-string 5-year-old, encouraging him to tank his scoring opportunity and fall down, but the boy crossed into the end zone anyway.

They teach kids to be ashamed to do their best because it might be better than someone else’s best. This is the progressive conception of equality in a nutshell. It is the essence of political correctness.

The coach’s brother-in-law is Torrey Smith, who used to play for the Eagles. He makes a few points:

1. Kids need to learn how to deal with failure. Don’t want to get smashed? Play better.
2. Life doesn’t let up. When it rains it pours.
3. The other kids can’t give their all because there is a rule. “Work hard but not too hard” that’s stupid.

Smith didn’t make it into the NFL by not trying. But in utopia, everyone will be equal, so trying won’t be necessary. For the sake of inclusion, everyone who wants to play will take turns in the NFL, and every game will end in a tie. People won’t need to know how to deal with failure, because no one will be allowed to fail.

Some people’s attitudes will have to be reengineered before utopia can be attained, to judge from this poll:

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

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