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Sep 16 2018

Coast Guard Member Accused of Making Forbidden Okay Sign

The white supremacist conspiracy is spreading. First Zina Bash unconsciously made an okay sign during the Kavanaugh hearings. Now a member of the US Coast Guard Hurricane Florence response team has committed the same ideologically criminal gesture.

No worries; the miscreant has been removed from his duties for being “offensive.”

According to the ADL,

Has the simple thumb-and-forefinger “OK” hand gesture become a common white supremacist hand sign? Not quite, but it has become a popular gesture used by people across several segments of the right and far right—including some actual white supremacists—who generally use it to trigger reactions, or what they would describe as “trolling the libs.”

This is thanks to a 2017 hoax campaign started by members of the notorious website 4chan that has since taken on a life of its own.

The original hoax was code named “Operation O-KKK.”

Even when unintentional, this stuff really works on the hyperventilating fools at Crooks & Liars, who still cling to the belief that Zina Bash, the Mexican-born descendent of Holocaust survivors, is a neo-Nazi:

Always make sure the camera is on you before you let the world know you’re a white supremacist. Zina Bash did it, and this as-yet-unnamed Coast Guard member did it.

Accusations equal guilt when it comes to charges of political incorrectness, so the career of the unnamed Coast Guard member would appear to be over.

On tips from Scott D, Lyle, and The Peace President™.

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