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Oct 08 2018

Colbert Writer Ariel Dumas Deletes Revealing Tweet

Progressives are in full rage mode over being unable to subvert the democratic process by blocking Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court with last-moment false allegations. The odious Washington Post snarls that its readers should “stay angry,” despite Republicans clearly being the aggrieved party. At least Ariel Dumas can find some satisfaction even when the good guys win:

That tells us a lot about the mentality of the Democrat Party–establishment media axis of evil.

Sorry to disappoint you, moonbats. You didn’t ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life, or his family’s life, despite your best efforts. He has reached the apex of his profession, which must make his family very proud. You put them through hell though, so you have that to pat yourselves on the back for.

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