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Nov 24 2017

Colin Kaepernick Celebrates Un-Thanksgiving

Having ruined the NFL for its fans by revealing many of the players as America-hating leftist thugs and the people running the league as either moonbats or pusillanimous weenies, Colin Kaepernick has moved on to other pursuits. While regular Americans devoted a day to gratitude yesterday, Kaepernick spent it wallowing in his characteristic theatrical bitterness:

Kaepernick received honorary eagle feathers as he attended the annual Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island on Thursday.

The event, also known as “Un-Thanksgiving Day,” celebrates the lengthy occupation of the infamous prison island by Native Americans between 1969 and 1971.

That occupation was a farce, infiltrated by drug-addled hippies, splintered by power struggles, and ending when the federal government finally stopped wringing its hands and forcibly evacuated the last 15 occupiers — four of them children — from the island.

Kaepernick reminds us that it isn’t only black lives that matter. Indian lives matter too. The only lives that don’t matter are white lives, and even whites can make their lives matter by converting to Islam or indulging in sexual perversion. The ideology devised in academia and regurgitated by tools like Kaepernick is not about police brutality or dispossessed Indians. Cultural Marxism has one purpose: to destroy America by exploiting outlier groups to demonize the core population and delegitimize the culture.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

37 Responses to “Colin Kaepernick Celebrates Un-Thanksgiving”

  1. littlefish says:

    white people don’t matter, but their money does we loves that white people s money

  2. Saxon Warrior says:

    “ destroy America by exploiting outlier groups to demonize the core population and delegitimize the culture.”

    Well, it’s really a Luciferian thing. American culture represents freedom and Judeo-Christian family values. They hate freedom and they hate Judeo-Christian family values. America is the obstacle that prevents the destruction of everything that they hate, so in their eyes America must go!
    Whether they know it or not they are in bondage to their master, the Devil. They will follow his bidding without realizing that it will eventually lead to their own destruction.

  3. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Ol’ Colin better hope those are fake eagle feathers. It’s against the law for anyone but Native Americans to possess eagle feathers.

  4. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Few more casinos and they be able to start buyin’ back the country 100 acres at a time.

  5. Take The Red Pill says:

    You forget that Colin doesn’t have to obey any laws…they don’t apply to him, or any Lefties like him (or Shrillery).

  6. JonathanBurke says:

    Most Lib-IDIOTS used their Non-Thanks-giving to read passages from their bible….

  7. Frank says:

    I can’t wait for April 15, when “my” government forces me to enjoy a massive amount of white privilege.



    Happy belated Thanksgiving all!

    Looks like the Chinese have figured LIBvanka, Merkel and their kind out.
    Here’s Tucker breaking it down:

  9. Nick Testa says:

    And you can bet Kaepernick will be the first one to claim he has absolutely nothing against the United States and that we’re all taking his actions and blunt bullshit wrong because we’re all “racists”.

    What really bugs me more than their stupid protests against the United States is their dishonesty…. If he hates the United States so much he could at least grow balls and bluntly state it – but he doesn’t – he denies his own hatred for this country and the “white people” that make up the majority….

    And someone needs to tell this microphone head that if the United States or “white people” were really racist that he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make millions a year playing football, that he wouldn’t have the right to spew his vile hate for the country, that programs designed to help blacks wouldn’t exist, that basically he would still be a slave picking tobacco or cotton – but of course none of that matters to Kaepernick, no, no, no – the mere notion that people object to his fantastic bullshit is enough in his atrophied brain is proof of racism….. Yea, remember that these days if you don’t agree with someone that’s black it’s not because they have terrible ideas – it’s because you’re inherently racist…. Yea, that’s the simpleton logic Kaepernick and his progressive friends have been brainwashed to believe.

  10. Nick Testa says:

    Unfortunately he wouldn’t get any pee on his face because pubic hair fro’s are waterproof.

  11. Frank says:

    Pubic hair fro? I thought he was sporting the world’s most impressive Brillo pad!

  12. Frank says:

    Leftist idiots like Angela Merkel invite rattlesnakes to live among their citizens, then act surprised when they get bitten.

  13. OldSailor says:

    Colin who?


    She is a Baizuo ! The Chinese are onto liberalism in a big way !

  15. physicsnut says:

    YUP !
    America = Ten Commandments + Bill of Rights.

    Roy Moore is the only one who actually stood up for the
    Ten Commandments.

    Secrets of the Dead on PBS (of all places) traced the history –
    from when protestants were burned at the stake for having a Bible in English.

    Archbishop Laud kicked them out of universities – so they came to New England.

    Secrets of the Dead episode “battle for the bible”
    on youtube
    and is EXCELLENT history
    watch it and understand how New England came to exist

    see also



    So they let their 70yo father / father-in-law and his wife Melania go serve our
    troops on Thanksgiving but Barbie and her Gumby are nowhere to be found !


    If the Chinese don’t beat them to it.

  18. Franklyfrank says:

    Right, and yet none of these American hating, Leftist brats leave the United States permanently. I mean if this is such a xenophobic hell-hole, why is he/ are they still here?

  19. FromNJ says:

    Gee, I wonder why no NFL team has signed this miserable PR nightmare to a long term contract?

  20. Sandy Reardon says:

    If this asshole got plastered by a bus I’d probably chuckle a little and go on about my business

  21. JackisBack says:

    Most blacks don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Independence Day; old news.

  22. Nick Testa says:

    They don’t leave because they know the United States is great, they’re just too blinded by their constitutionally protected baseless hate for white men, republicans er pretty much anyone that isn’t down with their moonbat nonsense.

    The weird part is these celebrity moonbat morons that threatened to leave can afford to leave but they don’t.. Why? because they’re so stupid they don’t even take themselves seriously, but they do demand others take them seriously.. lol

    They’re not mentally mature people – they think if they threaten to leave that will somehow change the fact that Trump is president.

    I don’t get it because I would really prefer if they leave…

    It’s really weird because progressives believe they’re special and that that we’re lucky to have them around, which of course is the delusion they get from virtue signaling and them believing they’re morally superior to us… I mean what could we possibly do without their guidance? … They’re narcissistic assholes is what they are and I want them to leave and I WANT the door to hit them on the way out…

  23. Franklyfrank says:

    All excellent points, Nick and all accurate. I was being rhetorical when I asked why they don’t leave, but I would LOVE some talk show host, or better yet, an average American to ask them that question.
    You are absolutely right when you say they think we should be grateful for their presence; so clueless are they that they don’t realize most Americans don’t give a damn what celebrities think.
    I would be happy to start a fundraising page for all those idiot celebrities that threatened to leave with a one way ticket to anywhere and a renouncement of their American citizenship, and if they wanted to come back, they would have to go through all the time, money & paperwork that any non-citizen would have to do to live here.

  24. Feet2Fire says:

    Anybody who feels sympathy for the “kneeling clowns” should read this moving piece by Kathy Barnette (link below):

    To NFL millionaires on Thanksgiving, be thankful and get off your knees already


    we’re not living in 1850 or 1950. Racism is certainly not dead, but it’s not the powerful monster backed by all the resources of government either. And you guys are not exactly downtrodden, going hungry, being shoved to the back of the bus, or used for target practice by Ku Klux Klansmen dressed up like cops.

    Allow me to make a few suggestions to you as an alternative to continuing to disrespect our country and flag. If you want to make a real difference that extends beyond getting your picture on a magazine cover, please consider doing the following.

    First, invest in black urban schools, to help them pay for the educational programs and enhanced learning opportunities that wealthy suburban schools have to help their students succeed.

    Second, commit to providing mentoring and college scholarships for 20, 10 or even just one child in the inner city, from elementary school through high school and into college. You will change their futures.

    Third, take $1 million or $2 million – not all of your vast wealth – and invest it into creating jobs, businesses and entrepreneurial internships to help black people achieve the American Dream. Find ways to personally take your millions directly into a distressed community and invest.

    Fourth, take a family out of the inner city by giving them a mortgage-free home. Consider the ripple effect of good this

    stand would have on the lives of an entire family for generations to come.

    Fifth, educate yourselves and then others on what the Democratic Party has done to the black community. I have yet to find an inner city run by conservatives. Yet I see one Democratic politician after another representing some of the most distressed communities. These politicians themselves usually do not live in those distressed communities and often live in expensive homes while their kids attend private schools.

    Teach yourselves and others to hold elected officials accountable. Be determined to no longer fall prey to their sleight-of-hand manipulations that only serve to distract you from their lack of effort to make real changes in the black community.

    Doing just one of these things would make an indelible imprint on any community, especially the black community.

    So instead of taking a knee, take a stand to stomp out poverty by investing in businesses, by creating an environment that promotes family stability, and by fanning the flames of hope, dignity and direction into the lives of some of our most
    depressed citizens.

  25. Vivian says:

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  26. Frank says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the emigration of Leonardo “Climate Expert” DiCaprio, walking waste of DNA Whoopie “Asshole” Goldberg and the rest of the foul Hornywood bastards who threatened to leave if Hilarious Clitoris didn’t have an opportunity to finish America off for obama.

  27. Sandy Reardon says:

    Oh snap!! Right in the balls

  28. James McEnanly says:

    If he knew the history of the island where he held his feast of ingratitude, he would be thanking whatever God he worshipped that he was allowed to leave. Alcatraz island housed one of the most secure prisons in American history. It makes Guantanamo bay look like a Caribbean resort

  29. Daisy says:

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  30. Franklyfrank says:


  31. magic1114 says:

    Too bad Alcatraz isn’t still in operation. Doubly too bad that Fuzz-Head couldn’t be a long term resident…

  32. magic1114 says:

    It would never happen. It involves work and doesn’t include blaming someone…

  33. magic1114 says:

    “BAIZUO” just became part of my vocabulary, as in “Hey Baizuo, I have a question for you” when talking to a liberal. That ought to drive them nuts…

  34. octa bright says:

    The IRS tax code isn’t a big book, it’s a six foot book shelf.

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