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May 27 2016

College Professor Denounces Ben Shapiro as Neo-Nazi

In this lunatic political environment, conservatives who refuse to support the authoritarian progressive Donald Trump for reasons of principle are often accused of supporting his fellow authoritarian progressive Hillary Clinton and even — bizarrely — of being liberals. If this accusation has merit, then orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro must be a neo-Nazi:

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro held a lecture at California State University, Los Angeles, in February. One week ago, university President William Covino hosted a “healing space” meeting to brainstorm ways CSULA can block speakers like Shapiro from visiting the school in the future.

As readers might recall, Shapiro’s views so threaten CSULA leftists that they resorted to pulling fire alarms in an attempt to prevent anyone from hearing him speak.

When asked by a student how he plans to block events like Shapiro’s from happening again, Covino didn’t offer a clear answer, only telling the student he believes — “very tragically and unfortunately” — the issue of hosting a conservative talker will arise again.

During the same session, professor Melinda Abdullah, chair of the college’s Pan-African Studies department, told Covino that she found Shapiro to be an advocate of “anti-blackness,” even calling him a “neo-Nazi,” which she said is “ironic” because she knows he’s Jewish.

Due to his resolute opposition to Trump, CSULA isn’t the only place Shapiro has made rabid moonbat enemies. As he notes, “the neo-Nazis who inhabit the alt-right will be shocked to learn I’m one of them.”

Malevolent idiot Melina Abdullah is a college professor and department chair.

On a tip from Varla.

21 Responses to “College Professor Denounces Ben Shapiro as Neo-Nazi”

  1. calmly_observing says:

    “Nazi” is now the universal term for someone you disagree with. It’s so overdone it doesn’t carry enough punch to even damage the person being accused at this point. Never mind the lack of reasoning.

  2. MAS says:

    Maybe the term “higher” education doesn’t have the meaning we traditionally give it. Works for our choom gang president after all…this type of delusion must be chemically based.

  3. cecil11 says:

    ‘Nazi’ and ‘anti-semite’ now mean the same thing: shut up we don’t like you and want to control you.

  4. Dan Northrup says:

    Remember when people used to say that they might not agree with what you say, but the will die for your right to say it. They were Privileged Nazis denying a safe space for all us special snow flakes.

  5. MicahStone says:

    “buck, buck, buck, buck, buck !!!!”
    –NO that’s not the sound of money – it’s the sound of the Chumpster running from Bernie (Yep, he refuses to debate – AGAIN!)
    Well, at the least the Trumpsters can continue with their favorite past-time!

  6. Hungjumper says:

    Don’t agree with my leftists asshat views?


  7. Saxon Warrior says:

    There are two options here:

    1/ You can become angry at the way moonbats are calling the voices of freedom ‘Nazis’, thus portraying truth as lies and lies and lies as truth, and then become even more angry at the way they take it a step further until they accuse everybody of bigotry who disagrees with them, and then finally you’ll end up finger-pointing in private, punching the air in private, and thinking about how you’ll kick the lights out of the next moonbat you meet that opens his mouth.
    Then when you next meet a moonbat you’ll either actually do that to him (punch him) – or at least argue with him until you are blue in the face, furious, perplexed, and almost as irrational as he is…. and finally you will end up physically grabbing him by his chicken neck and strangling him……!


    2/ Accept the fact that we live in a World of moonbats. Ignore them, pity them and move on. Preach your message to the neutral people that are genuinely misinformed and ignore the cowards and morons who try to stop you.

    The second option is the best option to take. The first option is the more understandable and human option to take if you’re not a superman saint.. and I ain’t no superhuman saint!

    Jesus would take the second option so would Paul after his Damascus moment. I’m much further away from perfection so I incline towards the first option. I should take the second option but as the good book says “the flesh is weak”. So if the flesh is weak then so am I…..

    So…. Moonbats watch out. I’m a weak miserable wretch of a man, and I’m going to knock some sense into you by pulverizing your little heads into a mash!

    Out of love….. of course!

  8. Sandythansen3 says:

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  9. Donna M says:

    Just what is it with these people?
    Ben Shapiro? REALLY?
    They actually go to a place, to learn to be dumber and stupider, than when they went in?
    It must be a considered a great skill set to exercise lack of regard, restraint, discernment and discipline, and choose instead, to be unabashedly, closed minded, biased, prejudiced, petty retaliatory, and abusiveness!
    …and all they talk about is how sensitive and offended they are, all the time, garbage in, garbage out, every minute of the day!
    Blah, blah, blah…
    They have micromanaged themselves into a li’l box, the size of a coffin…
    I guess, there is no life, worth living, outside the university/college campus system…
    …and to protect their comfort level, in their li’l kingdom, by ommission and commision, with lies, deceipt, verbal and physical threats of cohersion and violence…
    My how small their world is!

  10. maudieNmandeville says:

    No, honey, it’s not ironic when a marxist black muslim calls a Jew a Nazi. It’s habitual.

  11. miamiharold says:

    “Pan-African Studies” = “I have absolutely no skills useful in the real world……”

  12. Jodie says:

    Abdullah…What is that, Irish?

  13. Ed. G. Mann says:

    One doesn’t argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you to death with ignorance. Bernie is an idiot. As a former Vermonter, I had plenty of experience with his politics, ideas and rhetoric.
    Bernie won’t go near the Venezuela debacle.

  14. grayjohn says:

    Shut up bitch.

  15. Donna M says:

    Actual arabic translation means, “beloved of god”…
    Some “pagan” god, must be “choking” on that, right this minute!
    Get a bucket, quick!
    It’s ready to to spew chunks!

  16. rex freeway says:


  17. Joe Joe says:

    So a conservative practicing Jew now qualifies as a Neo Nazi.

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