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Aug 16 2017

College Professor Denounces Proper English as Linguistic Racism

There is no aspect of our civilization that liberals will not destroy. This includes our language:

In an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed, Dr. A.W. Strouse argues that colleges should support “greater linguistic diversity” and “affirm and embrace” language differences among students, such as the use of slang and African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

AAVE is a euphemism for the linguistic degeneracy formerly known as Ebonics.

Using the rhetoric of both cultural Marxism and traditional economic Marxism, Strouse barks:

“In the classroom, students shut down in the face of pedantry because they hate when bossy teachers tell them how to talk, especially in cases in which bourgeois white teachers dictate ex cathedra about what speech is ‘correct.’”

But wouldn’t they hate it more if they expected to receive an education and didn’t even learn how to speak proper English?

Of course not. Proper English is racist. It evolved among white people.

But won’t an ability to speak proper English affect their employability?

“The workplace has way too much power and should not be allowed to determine something as fundamental as how we speak,” he declared. “People need to tell their bosses, ‘F*** you.’”

This foul-mouthed, juvenile clown is a professor of medieval literature at the City University of New York. Our cultural heritage is not in safe hands.

Strouse went on to rave that educators perpetuate “injustice” by correcting improper English, and that students must “battle against linguistic racism.” He insists upon “the celebration of linguistic diversity.”

A first step would be the country breaking down into a Tower of Babel of mutually incomprehensible racial dialects. But politically correct social engineers won’t be totally satisfied until we are grunting and gibbering like the beasts they aspire to reduce us to.

By the way, Professor Strouse’s current projects include “a study of circumcision as a key term in pre-modern literary theory.” Taxpayers subsidize this useless lunacy.

A. W. Strouse: yet another nutty professor.

On a tip from Sterling B.

45 Responses to “College Professor Denounces Proper English as Linguistic Racism”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

  2. bbren2000 says:

    Come tell my boss, “f**k you” and see what happens. He’ll escort your snowflake a** right out the door.

  3. Saxon Warrior says:

    I’m afraid that telling your boss “f*ck you” is not Politically Correct. The word ‘f*ck’ derives from a White Anglo-Saxon word.
    Sorry moonbats, you can’t use it – it’s racist!

  4. BPatMann says:

    Of course, all of Dr. A.W. Strouse’s former students are currently pursuing careers in the fast food industry.

  5. Bob Elfers says:

    I prefer Southern American Vernacular English.
    Especially when it is spoken by a Belle.

  6. Night Wind says:

    What do you suppose would happen to CUNY students who started telling their professors ‘F— you?’ These jugheads remind me of Liberal French and Russian aristocrats who radicalized the citizenry and ended up on guillotines and in killing-fields.

  7. Henry says:

    Whoa, he’s mega ultra super duper beta weenie. BTW, your white privilege won’t protect you from your pets.

  8. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    There are already plenty of jobs with no requirement for proper spoken English. The DMV, for instance.

  9. Jack Bauer says:

    This asshat Strouse, should encourage people to leave his idiotic class and attend this one instead:

  10. StephaneDumas says:

    So the social justice grammar nazi warriors won’t have any excuse to complain about my grammar. 😉

  11. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “….especially in cases in which bourgeois white teachers dictate”

    Just guessing here, but I think Heir Professor is a Marxist.

  12. FromNJ says:

    Sorry, I don’t listen to any professor who dresses like that. .

  13. mas2 says:

    I generally avoid commenting on a moonbat’s appearance, as it’s not really relevant to the content of their so-called ideas. But blast it, why do all of these idiot “professors” (the white male ones anyway) tend to look like slovenly metrosexuals?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Because they are… is “edgy” or something.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Chihuahuas are notoriously ignorant of political correctness…

  16. KHarn says:

    =He insists upon “the celebration of linguistic diversity.”=
    Fine. Show up to his class with a telegraph key and sounder. Don’t use morse code, use your own and demand (In clicks) that the SOB learn it!

  17. KHarn says:

    IF they’re lucky.

  18. KHarn says:

    Excuse me, but you left an “s” out of the word “pests”.

  19. grayjohn says:

    Cut off ALL tax payer funding to colleges and universities.

  20. Giorgio Palmas says:

    “…and those who can’t teach…teach gym.”~Woody Allen

  21. Giorgio Palmas says:

    Get Beaver’s mom to translate.

  22. James McEnanly says:

    It may be our cybernetic servants rather than our employers that enforce proper grammar. Anyone who has tried to make a request from Siri, Alexa or their siblings will know what I am talking about. If you do not enunciate, you will not be understood. We may all end up talking like Commander Data.

  23. Connor Jefferson says:

    Get Beaver’s mom to translate.

  24. Richard Daniels says:

    “Think what you’re dealing with. The majesty and grandeur of the English language, it’s the greatest possession we have. The noblest thoughts that ever flowed through the hearts of men are contained in its extraordinary, imaginative, and musical mixtures of sounds.” Prof. Henry Higgins/My Fair Lady

  25. Saxon Warrior says:

    Reverse Tower of Babel…. or knowing moonbats, not even that.

    Constructing towers requires an effort. Moonbats never apply effort… unless it’s an effort into shouting, complaining and running around without discipline.
    The English language may be a great thing… but it’s a difficult language to learn for an intellectually lazy, self-entitled, morally superior, worthless, jack-shit, dumbed-down, parasitical, Liberal snowflake.

  26. MAS says:

    The world is getting nuttier by the day.

  27. Cristinacgarland says:


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  28. Anonymous says:

    Word, homie! You be illin’!

  29. TED says:

    Just LOCK these morons up in the padded rooms they belong in, IE: PUT A LOCK ON MOMMY’S BASEMENT!!!!!

  30. TED says:

    The LEFT is doing what the LEFT has always done, give them an inch and they take a MILE. It’s TIME to stop giving inches…!! ZERO TOLERENCE!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Idiocracy prophetic again… that proper English be racist, yo:

  32. ICEvictim says:

    this sort of stupid will only stop when all government money is removed from education. As long as room temperature IQ students can afford college while taking totally worthless courses, this kind of thing will continue and probably get worse as they try to outdo each other.

  33. Bless his heart says:

    Dat teech be ah idjut.

  34. bigg_tomm_2000 says:

    Professor of Medieval Literature?!? Who the f studies that? Who the F can afford college all the way thru to a professorial degree, ohhh… he had the government pay for it. I call fraud, waste, & abuse!

  35. bigg_tomm_2000 says:

    A promise was made to the men & women of the US Armed forces. Make it to retirement & get your college paid for you & your family. (At least get some of it paid for). This I would keep, the rest I agree, get rid of.

  36. grayjohn says:

    I agree.

  37. eye speeke inglesh says:

    Proper use of the English language constitutes cultural appropriation.

  38. Obama's boyfriend says:

    Isn’t this professor the head of NAMBLA?

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