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Jun 11 2019

College Students Trust ChiComs More Than Trump

Exploiting their control of the media and education establishments, leftists have managed to inflict a level of brainwashing indistinguishable from mental retardation. In the video below, we see grown adults supposedly intelligent enough to warrant being college students proclaim that the hostile totalitarian regime in China — which has not changed its form of government since Mao Zedong was killing his own people by the dozens of millions — is more trustworthy than the current American administration:

Ironically, Trump is seen as particularly untrustworthy precisely because of his pro-American policies. Liberals trust urban sociopaths, Muslim supremacists, and hostile foreign regimes, but not anyone who isn’t trying to burn the house down.

Note that two of these morons proclaimed that it would be “racist” not to side with the ChiCommies against their own country. This underscores that the concept of racism is pernicious in the extreme. It is a sledgehammer that cultural Marxists explicitly designed to smash American society.

On a tip from Lyle.

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