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Apr 27 2017

College Hires White Sociology Prof, Crybullies Rage

If a coach who just won a state championship can barely hold onto his job as a result of being white, think how rough it could be for a white sociology professor:

Students at Pomona College have published a demand letter urging administrators to rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white.

The “Letter to the Pomona College Sociology Department,” published last Friday argues that by hiring Goffman, the administration has neglected their commitment to promoting diversity and supporting women of color.

The collective of “Sociology students, alumni, and allies” open their letter by expressing their “anger” and “concern” regarding Goffman’s hire, calling it a “failure” to address the lack of professors of color on campus.

Further, they argue that because the majority (56.7 percent) of students in the Sociology department are now people of color, it is problematic for the department to continue hiring white people.

Compounding her skin color sin, Goffmann is also accused of having published material that perpetuates “anti-Blackness” by being inconsistent with Black Lives Matter ideology. But the main problem seems to be that she was chosen over two black candidates.

When liberals get their way and whites are a minority not just worldwide but even in their own countries, Affirmative Action will finally go away, right? Wrong. It will get much worse.

pomona college
Eventually to be changed to: “Whites Need Not Apply.”

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14 Responses to “College Hires White Sociology Prof, Crybullies Rage”

  1. KirklesWorth says:

    RIP MLK.

  2. JackisBack says:

    Such racist hypocrites.

  3. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Yeah, I believe MLK wanted them have “character” not be a ” caricature”

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Hasn’t this already been the defacto standard? No (cisgendered, able bodied, heterosexual) European Christian Men allowed.

    Bolshevism is a metastatic cancer that always kills its host unless it is rooted out, irradiated and aggressively poisoned. Ignoring it ensures death. One only needs to examine Russian History and the 100 Million+ that have been expunged from history

  5. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. How soon before Bolshevik Lies Master erases MLK or rebrands him as a Louis Farrakhan?

  6. TED says: Soon THEY WILL achieve their goal and going to collage will qualify you to work ONLY in fast food restaurants…

  7. 762x51 says:

    A major factor in the societal splintering that will occur in the upcoming civil war II is fracturing along racial lines. Progressives have spent decades fomenting a race war so various geographic areas will fracture along those boundaries more frequently than other divisions that will emerge. Not geographic as in Mason – Dixon Line, but geographic in terms of neighborhoods bounded by streets, commercial zones industrial areas, rivers, terrain features, etc.

    I expect tens if not hundreds of thousands of factions, some with common ground that will band together to defeat an enemy only to splinter apart again over turf, food, resources, personalities, etc. This is why the coming war will be so devastating, add modern weapons and the skies the limit for casualties.

  8. StephaneDumas says:

    I guess they should resides for a while in Haiti or Zimbabwe, then to Japan to think about their “anti-white rhetoric” who’s just a pile of “road apples”.

    On a off-topic sidenote, I spotted this vlog from Tommy Sotomayor explaining the hate of white people might be partially fuel by envy and jealousy.

  9. Truth-hammer says:

    This woman is not white/Caucasian. She is a jew.

  10. Elizabethrphillips says:

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  11. magic1114 says:

    They’d rather they hired a black Professor to teach “Ghetto Studies”…

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