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Jul 22 2019

Colleges Abandon Admission Tests

Social engineers in academia will never attain their ideal “diversity” quotas without abandoning objective standards altogether in favor of race favoritism. Consequently, many colleges are beginning to phase out admission tests. For example, Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri is making it optional for applicants to include their test scores.

The policy allows admissions officials to consider a wide range of factors in enrollment decisions … rather than focusing on ACT and SAT scores.

Rockhurst said standardized tests don’t account for students’ skills outside a single session, and the tests have been accused of inherit bias.

That is, the tests are biased against groups that are less intelligent, despite attempts to tilt the bias the other way on the SAT.

Eventually, educrats will settle on a policy of only accepting white people when they can find no more Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation willing to attend.

Then they can turn their attention to the problem of blacks flunking out because Affirmative Action has gotten them accepted into programs that are way over their heads. Maybe educrats should do away with tests altogether, including exams. Unless it provides the desired outcome, any objective standard is racist.

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