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Dec 30 2018

Combating Racism by Slaughtering Sheep

Great news. The scourge of racism has been cured in the best way possible: through the exuberant application of indigenous culture.

Pandemonium broke out on Clifton’s Fourth Beach on Friday when demonstrators arrived with a sheep which they slaughtered to exorcise the “demon of racism”.

Clifton is an upscale suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It offers the most expensive real estate in the country, and no doubt is chock-full of well-to-do liberals who helped bring down Apartheid.

Uh oh. We have an intersectionality problem. Sheep are oppressed too:

Animal rights activists protested as the sheep arrived, one of them holding a sign saying: “End racism but don’t kill the sheep.”

Chumani Maxwele, formerly of Rhodes Must Fall, directed the ritual.

“We are going to untie the sheep and walk it to the ocean to waken Nxele’s spirit. Nxele’s spirit is along this ocean. Down with white racists, down,” he shouted.

The reference is to a savage who instigated an attack on a British garrison 200 years ago.

Maxwele then cut the sheep’s throat as other protesters burnt incense. He declared: “Today, the dignity of the black people has been restored. This is an offering to our ancestors.”

There followed a melee, as the black supremacists and animal rights advocates hurled obscenities and footwear at each other.

Yet again, we see that leftism can only be used to destroy. You may be able to wreck the established order with a temporary alliance of leftist groups, but you cannot establish a functional new one, because they will soon be at each other’s throats.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

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