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Nov 07 2012

Come Down Off the Ledge

Here’s what the electoral map looked like after the 1972 elections:


Richard Nixon won every state but Taxachusetts.

Yet within a few years, Nixon had resigned in disgrace and left-wing Democrats were completely ascendant. Predictably, they used their power to plunge the country into malaise.

The seeds of Nixon’s implosion had already started to grow before his overwhelming landslide victory. Likewise, seeds of Obama’s demise are already apparent to the minority who keep themselves informed. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and Solyndra all dwarf Watergate.

Granted Obama has the “mainstream” media that created him on his side. But that might only mean that when he finally goes down, he’ll take the stinking carcass of the liberal information establishment down with him.

24 Responses to “Come Down Off the Ledge”

  1. AC says:

    The sense of shame and the nation’s desire for honor which led to Nixon’s resignation on relatively minor (by today’s standards) charges no longer exists.

    Nixon covered up a couple burglars who went off the reservation to install a failed wiretap. Obama deliberately trafficked guns to Mexican drug cartels then lied about it, then let Americans die in Libya and lied about it too.

    Our values are corroded. Too many people no longer look down upon dishonor and thuggery to care, so long as Uncle Sugar loads up the food stamps on the first of the month.

  2. Beef says:

    AC is right. That country doesn’t exist anymore.

  3. nobarack08 says:

    I agree. The sheeple pulled the lever on their gallows with this election. The media has become whores of an administration that is lawless. There has not been a budget in four years, just wreckless spending. To show how uneducated the Obama sheeple are, the numbers don’t add up with the economy, in both inflation and unemployment and yet they are allowed to fudge numbers and not be held accountable.
    The murder of an Ambassador and three other Americans, support and help denied and American people lied to and again the media is chirping crickets. Fast and Furious with US Border agents killed and 300+ Mexicans dead and again nothing.
    The media has become the enemy of the American people and freedom in general. Just as Pravda was in the Soviet Union, the media here has become whores. Dirty, infected, and diseased whores.

  4. M. Wilson says:

    Our President runs from the battlefield! Shameful display!

    Sadly, it seems Romney’s 47% comment was more accurate than anyone ever gave it credit for. Considering that roughly 15%-20% are communists and hate the country anyway it’s a slight over-estimation based on these results, but I’d say from the looks of this at least 30% of the country doesn’t care about honor, principles, security, liberty, or anything else besides how much they can vote themselves from the public treasury.

  5. Chairborne says:

    The Corrupt Liberal Media hated Nixon and they made Watergate into a huge scandal. The Corrupt Liberal Media today loves Obama and will cover for him no matter what the scandal of the evidence is. Big difference.

  6. Ray Cyst says:

    The US government and the majority of people in the US are in a dysfunctional relationship. No matter how many times the Gov’t betrays them, beats them, steals from them, cheats on them, they still keep going back for more and still keep denying that there’s a problem.

    The majority of people in the US desperately need an intervention.

  7. Gabriel Angelos says:

    > Corrupt Liberal Media
    > 6 of the 15 most listened to radio shows are conservative


  8. Mary says:

    Too little too late from Bill O’Reilly:!

    This demographic nightmare ought to have been the number one issue for Whites since Obama’s first election, but none of these ‘respectable’ conservatives would touch it with a ten foot pole. Too bad, but at least they are starting to talk about it now……..might wake a few up.

  9. klae says:

    he’ll take the stinking carcass of the liberal information establishment down with him.

    Don’t bet on it. I agree with Chairborne that the MSM will cover for Obama no matter what. However, if something is just too big for them to gloss over, they’ll turncoat in an instant and act as though they were always on the side of righteousness and morality. They’ll protect themselves, no matter what. The Ministry of Truth.

  10. redneek24 says:

    This is Conservatives Waterloo. We won’t be back in under 10 years, if at all.

  11. Jeff says:

    Yes, the situation is indeed bleak, and we have yet to have the SHTF reconning. Judgement Day is coming. But keep calm, have a drink or two of your favorite beverage of choice, then read and then re-read the Old Testament book of Habakkuk (all 3 chapters). The Evil and the Guilty will not go unpunished. Get right with your God, and prepare for the rough times ahead.

  12. bob says:

    We got to keep pressure on our elected officials to hold BHO accountable on at LEAST the Benghazi scandal.

    We got to light up their switchboards, fill their mail boxes (real and electronic) and protest.

    And sustain it. Nonstop. All winter. Spring. Summer. Take shifts. Keep each other accountable. Rattle Trumps cage even, he has the cash and gets the press at the very least.

    The takeaway for me from this blog post is that NIXON RESIGNED IN SHAME for a scandal that by todays standards is basically SOP.

    IT AIN’T OVER until they lock us up for having free thought and using our 1st amendment.

  13. Jodie says:

    Amen, Jeff!

  14. bob says:

    or not. pop open a beer and grab the remote. meh. whatever. nevermind. whens the next ep of breaking bad on? ok.

  15. nobarack08 says:

    Jeff, thanks.
    I can hardly wait for those businesses that warned that if Obama was elected that they were cutting back on jobs and benefits. More Obama bumper stickers at the unemployment line. When even mac and cheese will be a treat and gas in their tanks or food in their stomachs, maybe then in their suffering, will they realize that their idol (obama) is a graven image and they can channel their pain and misery onto themselves. Lamenting, ‘What woe we cast upon ourselves’

  16. Xavier says:

    1) The vote was close.
    2) Poor foreign policy leads to war.
    3) Poor economic policy leads to social upheaval.

    As Barry’s short sighted and instant gratification plans are implemented, more center left and independents will abandon him. Conservatism has work to do but this is not Waterloo.

  17. Momster says:

    Watergate was the democrat “revenge” on the country for electing Nixon. Whoever the Republican president may have been at that juncture would have had the same thing happen to him. The Dems were not about to sit still for being trounced at the polls. “Revenge” is what they know–all they know.

    Now they are taking “revenge” on the working people of America for not giving them enough free stuff.

  18. Jodie says:

    I was awake most of the night with the TV on. According to PBS and the MSM programs that were on, they say this election proved that women love abortions and the country hates white men. And they are thrilled about it!

  19. Tchhht!!! says:

    The progs took decades to inflict this on America. It might take decades to undo the damage. One thing that needs to be done is to get conservative thinkers into schools and colleges. Younger people that I know who went to college have been brainwashed into believing that America is evil. Most don’t care about the moral character of the people they vote for. This needs to change.

  20. Zilla says:

    THANK YOU, Xavier, and thank you, Dave! I am not crying or hanging my head, we have work to do and as long as there are hearts still beating in patriots who are wiling to fight, then all is not lost and we are not dead. Buck up and get your boots on.

  21. Rich says:

    Autopsy Results – The USA was murdered..

  22. karasukanzaemon says:

    But wait: Biden’s gonna play Ford?

  23. Steve says:

    The GOP should stop running RINOs and we should stop voting for them. The war hereo didn’t win 4 years ago, the businessman lost this time. Its time you start listening to Ron Paul and his son Rand who will hopefully run in 2016.

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