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Dec 08 2019

Commie Christmas Carols

Even where moonbats have achieved total dominance, some remnant of American culture remains. For example, in Ann Arbor, home of University of Michigan, people still sing Christmas carols, despite Christmas being an insensitive thought crime that must never be mentioned. Of course, the lyrics are a little different:

“Feeling the Bern,” a group of Ann Arborites went caroling downtown Friday night, Dec. 6, singing praises of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

They used the tunes of Christmas classics; however,

Lyrics were rewritten by Lauren Sargent to voice support for Sanders’ progressive agenda.

“O Christmas Tree” became “O Medicare,” with a call to “make it universal,” and “We Three Kings” became “Green New Deal,” a song about reducing carbon emissions to “rescue our earth.”

The objective is to replace one god with another. Moonbats literally worship coercive Big Government.

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