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Jul 22 2019

Congo Invades Buffalo

The world sure changes fast. Just a few years ago, you might have laughed at the idea that Buffalo, New York would be successfully invaded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the most backward and dysfunctional countries in the world.

DR Congo is best known for the current Ebola epidemic, as well as for mass rape, cannibalism, and dismemberment. The national average IQ is 78 (an IQ of 70 qualifies as mentally retarded).

It used to count for something that America has the most powerful military in world history. Yet nowadays, most people probably don’t even gasp when they read stories like this one:

Jericho Road Community Health Center has been taking in refugees for years, but they’re dealing with something unprecedented, now.

They are taking in a huge influx of people seeking to gain refugee status. …

These are people with legitimate [sic] asylum claims fleeing from the violent territory conflict that has been waging in the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than two decades.

When an unlawful invader from the Third World barks the word “asylum,” this is the equivalent of the Latin “Veni, vidi, vici.”

The logistics of the invasion:

Many in the group that was just brought in flew to Brazil after fleeing the Congo, they then traveled by foot through south and Central America until they reached the Mexican border where they were mass processed and released into the U.S.

It is worth noting here once again that the primary purpose of the federal government, with its $4.4 trillion budget, is to defend the country from foreign invasion.

Jericho Road says they now have over 140 [colonists from the Congo] living at its Wyoming Avenue facility.

It isn’t just Buffalo. This is happening all over the country. San Antonio, for example.

If you think America should be made more like the Congo, and would like to donate money to facilitate the invasion by the Empire of the Belligerently Helpless, click through for details.

When you don’t take your own side, anyone can defeat you. That’s why they call it suicidal altruism.

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