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Jul 10 2018

Congresscritters Demand We Pay for Their Tampons

If a Georgetown University Law School (tuition: $31,122.00 per semester) student like Sandra Fluke cannot afford contraceptives, then it follows that congresscritters cannot afford tampons. Once again, it is up to the taxpayer to provide:

Reps. Grace Meng and Sean Patrick Maloney, both New York Democrats, said the House should provide the products free of charge in all common bathrooms, and should reimburse offices that buy them.

Until they manage to pass legislation providing themselves free tampons, Rep. Maloney’s constituents are encouraged to mail him a box so that he doesn’t have to go without. Meng too, of course.

Other moonbats believe that tampons should be “free” (i.e., paid for by others) for everyone. When the ratchet has been turned all the way to true communism, everything will be free though unavailable.

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