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Jun 14 2018

Congressional Candidate Levi Tillemann Takes Faceful of Pepper Spray for Publicity

How considerate of congressional candidate Levi Tillemann to warn us that he is too wacky even for Colorado Democrats to trust in a position of responsibility. Who wants to be ruled by people so insane, they have their faces plastered with pepper spray in campaign commercials?

Tillemann’s plan isn’t likely to catch on, given that pepper spray is only for close range and easily defended against with goggles if people know to expect it. Commonsense security like they have at sports events is a better bet, once his fellow Dems get tired of demonizing the NRA and more willing to go along with actual workable solutions. Nonetheless, the publicity so desperately achieved could conceivably win him a House seat:

Tillemann is up against veteran Jason Crow, who’s outraised him considerably and is considered the favorite for the Democratic nod in Colorado’s Sixth District. There’s a real prize waiting for the winner between them, a general election against GOP Rep. Mike Coffman, perennially one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country.

Even if he doesn’t beat Crow, at least Tillemann earned a featured roll in this Mark Dice video on virtue signaling gone wrong:

On tips from TCS III, Jack Bauer, and The Peace President™.

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