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Jul 23 2018

Congressional Candidate Scott Wallace Has Given Millions to Prevent Human Life

Just because easy access to abortion seems to be the issue that most motivates Democrats does not mean that the party hates babies and is opposed to human life. Many are appalled by the candidacy of Scott Wallace — I hope:

A Pennsylvania millionaire running for Congress as a Democrat spent millions bankrolling a population control organization that advocated for taxing families “to the hilt” for “the privilege of irresponsible breeding.”

Irresponsible breeding is defined as more than two children per couple. The replacement rate that would keep the human race from dying out is 2.33 children per couple.

The Wallace Global Fund has given nearly $7 million to population suppression groups since 1997.

One of the groups Wallace showered cash upon favors reproduction licenses.

Rather than support it with donations, Wallace may soon be in a position to impose this sort of tyranny directly.

Only when the human race has been abolished completely can true utopia be achieved. Climate change will end forever; liberated chickens will enjoy perfect weather until the end of time.

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