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Mar 28 2019

Connecticut Cat Tax

The more Democrats tax, the more of our money gets shoveled into the bonfire that is Big Government, the larger the fire grows, the more taxes are required to keep it fed. This vicious cycle has degenerated into liberals taxing everything conceivable in areas where they have achieved dominance. A case in point is the Connecticut cat tax:

A bill in the State Senate could lead to a new cat licensing law that has been dubbed a “cat tax” by Republicans.

S.B. 999 would institute a $15 adoption fee for dogs, cats and other domestic animals bought from an animal shelter. The annual licensing fee would be $10 for neutered/spayed dogs and cats and $15 for unneutered/unspayed animals.

Democrats demand we sacrifice our standard of living for the supposed benefit of the flourishing man-eating polar bears. Yet they are not willing to restrain their greed for the sake of saving cats’ lives:

The Humane Society of The United States submitted testimony against the bill. Public compliance with cat licensing is low and the licensing fee could lead to more community cats being euthanized, said Annie Hornish, the human society’s Connecticut senior state director.

If only the cats themselves could be compelled to pay taxes, their lives might be spared.

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