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May 07 2012

Conservative Reality and Liberal Fantasy

Anyone who can’t see the difference must be blind as a moonbat:

On a tip from Antisocialist.

14 Responses to “Conservative Reality and Liberal Fantasy”

  1. Antisocialist says:

    Here’s another classic from Klavan:
    Why are Conservatives so mean?

  2. Antisocialist says:

    This one is great satire as well:
    Andrew Klavan: Is America Satanophobic?

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    This has to be one of the absolute best, bar none, explanations of what is wrong with liberals and their ideas. Genius!

  4. Kell says:

    Dammit…I knew it…I knew back in 77 the army rangers would turn me into a bloddthirsty, combat crazy, anti-everything conservative…I just effing knew it!!! Before the army I was a pot smoking, hostess ho-ho eating non-hacking piece of shit and the army…dammit, they went and effed that all up…..SHIT!!! Now I’m really pissed…lol!

  5. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    If you can’t tell the difference, you might be a liberal. And a knucklehead.

    ‘Nuff Said!

  6. Jimbo says:

    Kell; it probably would have happened to you anyway – but it sounds to me that I’m probably damned glad you chose the road to conservatism you did. Thanks for your service.

    There are probably ten thousand ways to explain why liberals are some sick, sick puppies. Mr. Klavan sums them all up.

  7. Gunny G says:

    Hey liberal fucksticks, it don’t get no more plainer than that.

    Small wonder we hate you bastards.

  8. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Gunny G, always good to hear from you. I always read your posts on

    I like the two pictures of Warren and Zimmerman side by side where Zimmerman is labelled as white and Warren is labelled as minority. LOL Liberal bizarro world indeed.

  9. katiep says:

    Law & Order is a Moonbat fantasy. I quit watching it, because I could always solve the mystery in advance: the conservative or (if present) the Christian was ALWAYS the bad guy. It’s not only bad propaganda, but bad mystery-writing, since the conclusion is always so predictable. (The early seasons of NCIS, on the other hand, rock- and the characterisation of better. It’s the closest thing to a conservative mystery show you’ll find, if any of you are looking for one. There’s the occasional “off” episode- such as the Christmas honor killing one- and it’s gotten worse lately, but the show overall is great.)

  10. rrrick1000 says:

    Klavan rocks! Excellent!

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  12. […] Moonbattery) Rate this: Share this:EmailFacebookPinterestPrintTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  13. Paaa says:

    Klavans head is full of rocks! Excellent!

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