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Nov 17 2021

Cori Bush Congressional Hate Hoax

Hate hoaxers are usually nobodies attempting to achieve power the easy way. Alarmingly, we are starting to see hate hoaxers who already have power. Jussie Smollett never topped any marquees, but he staged his laughably incompetent hoax as part of the powerful Hollywood establishment. Due to his race being so rare in racing, Bubba Wallace, who claimed that a garage door pull was a racist noose, was powerful enough that NASCAR banned Confederate flags on his command. Now we have Cori Bush, formerly a Black Lives Matter activist but now a member of Congress:

Repeating the lie that Michael Brown was “murdered” at the hands of a white police officer, Cori Bush falsely claimed on Monday that white supremacists in Ferguson, Missouri, would literally hide up in the hills and callously shoot at protesters.

True enough, the claim that Michael Brown was murdered is not an opinion but a straightforward lie. Even Barack Obama’s hyperpoliticized and hyperracialized Injustice Department could not find wrongdoing on the part of Officer Darren Wilson, who was forced to shoot the maniac Brown in self-defense. Like Kyle Rittenhouse, Wilson would be imprisoned for life anyway if it were up to Bush, if only for putting up resistance to the violent criminal element Bush represents.

“When we marched in Ferguson, white supremacists would hide behind a hill near where Michael Brown Jr. was murdered and shoot at us,” she said. “They never faced consequences. If Kyle Rittenhouse gets acquitted, it tells them that even 7 years later they still can get away with it.”

Like Joe Biden and Geraldo Rivera, Bush pretends that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist because in the eyes of the liberal establishment this makes him fair game to be destroyed.

Imagine the investigations by the media and the Democratic Party if there were any chance whatsoever that Bush’s story is true. Yet the liberal establishment has no interest in pursuing it, because that would only draw attention to what a truly evil woman she is — even if she has confirmation from Black Lives Matter activist Ohun Ashe:

“This is FACTS! I vividly remember hiding under porches in Canfield as shots were fired at us. No one came to help us. We would come from under porches using cars as shields in between gun shots to make it out,” tweeted Ashe.

White supremacists firing upon sacred black people would be a dream come true for liberals. Think of how many papers the New York Times could sell. Maybe CNN could pull its ratings out of their tailspin.

However, Ferguson’s black Police Chief Frank McCall Jr confirms that there is no record of an incident like Bush describes. The closest thing would be Jeffrey Williams, who is also black, shooting two cops in the security line outside police headquarters.

Matt Christiansen calls Bush “Hillary Smollett” for combining the outlandish lies of Shrillary landing under sniper fire in Bosnia with Smollett’s fictional assault by a white supremacist:

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