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Mar 28 2020

Coronavirus Highlights Irrelevance of Entertainment Elite

The Iconoclast zeroes in on possibly the most beneficial silver lining of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. America’s version of royalty — the entertainment elite — is suffering from a “crisis of relevancy.” The posturing, self-important leftists comprising it have been “exposed as egotistical narcissists.”

Forgive me for the excruciating first half minute of this video, but nothing emphasizes the cluelessness and irrelevance of Tinseltown glitterati like watching them sing John Lennon’s moonbat anthem “Imagine” while normal people lose their jobs:

He is on the mark when he says, “They can’t live without your attention, without your praise.” Like COVID-19, entertainment celebrities are parasitical. They despise us, but they need us. We do not need them.

“Let’s hope their slide into obscurity continues unopposed.” I’ll second that.

Essential businesses remain open even in California. But the entertainment industry is hardly essential. Times are tough for late night leftists, who have been left to their own limited resources. Mark Dice has a laugh at them:

Given a choice between Stephen Colbert and full shelves at the grocery store, most would choose wisely. With luck, people will remember how dispensable Hollyweirdos are.

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