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Mar 30 2020

Coronavirus, Kids, and Smutty Social Engineering

Because they are learning from home due to the Wuhan coronavirus does not mean kids are safe from liberal social engineering. For example,

Digital media platform Amaze has launched an at-home sex ed video series on Facebook that teaches children home from school during the coronavirus crisis that watching porn is normal. …

“Our first video covers the much asked question, is it normal to watch porn?” Amaze announces, and, in the video, answers the question with a resounding “Yes!”

It seems the only downside to children watching Internet pornography is that it could lead to fat shaming. As the narrator reminds kids, “Bodies don’t look like those in porn movies.”

The Massachusetts Family Institute responds:

Studies have shown that porn is highly addictive and has negative and detrimental effects on the brain and behaviors of youth.

Exposure leads to sexual harassment and violence toward women in boys, eating disorders, drug abuse, and unwanted pregnancy in girls, and increased sexually transmitted disease in both. Worst of all is what it does to their developing attitude toward themselves and others.

But at least nobody is encouraging kids to actually make pornography. Oh wait, what’s this:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) is putting the spotlight on Snapchat and Teen Vogue for allegedly encouraging children to make pornography during the coronavirus pandemic. …

They are telling Snapchat to stop featuring content from Teen Vogue, a publication that has promoted anal sex and totalitarian communism to children in the past.

Teen Vogue has also promoted prostitution to 13-year-olds, proclaimed that innocence is unimportant regarding #MeToo allegations, and announced to schoolgirls that “Abortion can be funny.”

Some of the objectionable content that Teen Vogue has published for kids includes, “How To Sext: The Best Tips & Tricks,” “Here Are 7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Sexting,” and “Sexting Should Make You Feel Good.” They have consistently promoted sexting to children throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

As the NCSE notes,

[O]nline predators use social media platforms to pose as peers and groom children to send them sexually explicit material (i.e. “sext” with them) that they can then distribute and/or use to blackmail the child into other forms of sexual exploitation.

This makes encouraging children to sext each other not only sick but dangerous. But you can’t make a social engineering omelet without breaking some eggs.

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