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Feb 19 2020

Corrupted Boy Scouts Driven Into Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts represented the best of America: traditional values, moral rectitude, self-reliance, wholesomeness. Any leftist could see why this institution had to be corrupted and destroyed.

LGBT militants set upon the Scouts, demanding that aggressively homosexual scoutmasters be entrusted to take little boys off into the woods. They insisted that girls who say they are boys, most likely with heavy coaching from their ideological parents, be accepted as boys. Feminists piled on, shrieking that it was sexist for girls to have to be Girl Scouts instead of Boys Scouts.

Like so many institutions, Boy Scouts of America caved, absurdly accepting transgender “boys” and then straightforward girls and giving open sexual deviants access to the boys. Surrendering unconditionally to bullying degenerates, it even passed out condoms at the World Scout Jamboree.

The results were inevitable and likely intended. This long-standing pillar of American society cracked, wobbled, and is now collapsing:

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday.

The organization has been barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits.

The intention is that a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan can be worked out that will allow the [formerly] hallowed, 110-year-old organization to continue.

If BSA limps forward after this, it will only be to drag itself to the tar pits like the last of the dinosaurs. While some sexual abuse claims may predate the politically ascendant LGBT community declaring war on BSA, surrendering to them made widespread corruption and imminent demise inevitable.

How many of the literally thousands of claims are valid, we will never know amid the chaos of the looting spree that has been instigated.

Liberal social engineers must be very proud of their handiwork. Next, they will create a heavily taxpayer-subsidized replacement for BSA, which will teach young boys to dress in drag, put condoms on cucumbers in preparation for anal sex, and belligerently whine that they are victims.

Given what happened after homosexuals infiltrated and subverted the Catholic priesthood, is there anyone anywhere who didn’t see this coming? Maybe Rex Tillerson.

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