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Aug 05 2018

Could Andrew Cuomo Kill the NRA?

An organization that exists for the sole purpose of defending from tyrannical politicians a right specifically enumerated in the Constitution is bound to provoke the ire of tyrannical politicians. But not even the most ham-fisted authoritarians can abolish the NRA directly, because its existence is defended in turn by that same Constitution. That’s why New York’s fascistic governor Andrew Cuomo has used indirect methods to kill the NRA:

The National Rifle Association says that it’s in “deep financial trouble” — so deep in fact that it may be “unable to exist.”

The group says it is under such financial distress because New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has convinced a number of financial service providers, banks, and insurance providers against doing business with the gun-advocacy group. As a result, the NRA claims that it will be forced to end its magazine publishing and television services, and will be forced to curtail rallies and potentially shutter some of its offices.

This is classic fascism. Under communism, nothing exists that is not part of the government. Under fascism, there are ostensibly independent agencies like banks and insurance companies. But Big Government is so all-powerful and all-pervasive that they can easily be leaned on to do what they are told — not that a great deal of leaning is necessary in this era of ultra-left corporate “virtue” signaling.

Watch Cuomo gloat about the effectiveness of his thug tactics in this appalling ad:

At least the fascist bullies of the 1930s had the decency not to pretend that their victims were the bullies.

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