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Feb 21 2021

Countermoonbat Cardinal Robert Sarah Removed

Leftists are consolidating power by purging those who are not on board with their agenda. The cancel culture and the hunt for “extremists” in the US military are two examples. This could be another:

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sarah as head of the Vatican’s office for liturgy, removing an outspoken conservative and possible future pope from the ranks of Vatican leadership.

Accepting the resignation was actually more a firing.

The cardinal submitted his resignation as required by church law when he turned 75 on June 15 of last year. But the pope frequently lets cardinals serve two or three years past that age, though not past 80. Last June, the cardinal wrote on Twitter: “For my part, I am happy to continue my work” at the Vatican.

That work was out of step with the Red Pope’s progressive agenda, particularly on the topics of embracing homosexuality and obsequiousness toward Islam.

A taste of Sarah’s viewpoint:

“What Nazi-fascism and communism were in the 20th century, Western homosexual and abortion ideologies and Islamic fanaticism are today.”

Not exactly a Francis-approved opinion. Worse yet:

Cardinal Sarah has been a prominent spokesman on such issues for Africa’s bishops, who have emerged as a major conservative bloc in the current pontificate.

Sarah and Francis have clashed repeatedly over the liberalization of Catholicism. Now a defender of tradition has been removed, clearing the path for more moonbattery.

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