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Jan 13 2019

Countermoonbattery from Elizabeth Warren

To get an idea of how fast moonbattery is pulling us over the cliff into dysfunctional lunacy, consider that as recently as 2003 even Elizabeth Warren — the quintessential unhinged Democrat radical — used to understand the importance of the family and the consequences of its destruction. What she once had to say about the two-income trap is pure countermoonbattery:

This helps explain why we have stopped reproducing and find ourselves displacing the American population with colonists from the Third World who will remake the country in the image of their own.

Drawing attention to any of this would get you thrown out of today’s Democrat Party, which militantly advocates all things far left, including the demise of the traditional family, with zero tolerance for those who hesitate to guzzle the Kool-Aid to the last drop. Republicans who toe the line of political correctness don’t want to hear it either.

On a tip from Jack S.

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