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Oct 22 2019

Court Imposes Transsexual Transition on 7-Year-Old Boy

The transsexual agenda is the point where maximum depravity meets maximum tyranny. It is supported by the social engineers running the media and imposed through a judiciary rendered insane by moonbattery. In Dallas, a jury has ruled against Jeffrey Younger in his attempt to prevent his 7-year-old son James from becoming deformed into a freakish parody of a girl.

Via Life Site News:

This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

Younger had joint custody of James. No longer.

Little James isn’t the only victim…

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

…and neither is Jeffrey Younger. We all suffer, because it has been affirmed that we no longer enjoy even fundamental First Amendment liberties, but subsist under the heel of a tyranny so twisted that no previous generation could have imagined it.

Younger argues his ex-wife is “transitioning” James against the boy’s will.

This would make the horror of what they are doing to an innocent child all the more intolerable — not that it would be acceptable if his social engineer mom had been able to brainwash him into going along. The kid is 7 years old.

Transgender-identifying individuals, even when encouraged in their confusion, suffer from more psychological issues than the general population, have shorter lifespans, and are more likely to commit suicide.

There is also a long list of physical side effects associated with the hormone therapy “transitioning” process, which should have been left on the island of Dr Moreau. These include but are not limited to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, high triglycerides, gallstones, weight gain, liver problems, hyperkalemia, hypertension, diabetes, hyperprolactinemia, and of course, infertility.

But progressives regard destroying a child’s body and mind as a small price to pay for “inclusion.”

James is a product of in vitro fertilization. He is not biologically related to the sick woman who is ruining his young life on behalf of the liberal agenda.

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