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Jul 23 2019

Courtroom Chaos as Former Judge Tracie Hunter Faces Justice

For certain segments of the population, everything is about race. They seem to feel that when social justice has been achieved, no Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation will ever be held responsible for a crime. Former judge Tracie Hunter is a case in point. From Cincinnati:

Hunter, a former Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge, was convicted in October 2014 of a single felony charge, having an unlawful interest in a public contract. It’s related to giving confidential documents to her brother, a juvenile court employee who was in the process of being fired.

Her supporters are not happy about her finally having to serve her 6-month sentence. They had been exerting pressure by attempting to intimidate Judge Patrick Dinkelacker, bombarding his home with postcards demanding that he exonerate Hunter.

Several referenced a 2013 fatal crash involving Dinkelacker’s car and another vehicle. Both vehicles struck a woman – who had high levels of cocaine in her system – who was in the middle of a city street.

One missive read,

“Since you are a killer, maybe doing something right… will help your eternal judgment. Exonerate… former Judge Tracie Hunter. I know you will not, but you will not be able to tell your white Jesus that you were not asked.”

However, Dinkelacker stood up to the mob and sent Hunter to face the music.

Race-based chaos followed, with one supporter shouting, “This city is going to burn!” Cincinnati has a history of black riots, including the 2001 Cincinnati riots and the Avondale riots of 1967 and 1968.

Consider that the woman in the video above with the crazy eyes who went limp like a bratty 4-year-old so that they had to drag her away used to be a judge. Civilization is not something that we can take for granted anymore.

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