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Jul 30 2020

COVID-19 Tyranny Trial Balloons

If you want to know what’s next in COVID-19 tyranny, turn to Anthony Fauci, who is always at the cutting edge. Possibilities include renewing mask mandates every time the flu comes around, and goggle mandates to go with the mask mandates.

Fauci floated these concepts during an ABC News Instagram live talk on Wednesday.

As quoted at Breitbart:

The wearing of masks and other coverings as we just discussed, are going to not only protect against COVID-19 but also help protect us against influenza. So we may find a secondary benefit of the lessons that we’ve learned over the past six months.

The main lesson is that you can get people to submit to anything if you tell them it is a health emergency.

Regarding the goggles:

Expect these to go from suggestions to mandates within a few months.

On tips from Henry B and Stormfax.

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