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Nov 09 2019

Creepy Giant Mural of Greta Thunberg

In the weird religion spawned by the global warming hoax, Greta Thunberg has achieved the status of a prophet or a saint. San Francisco is putting the finishing touches on a creepy giant mural of the autistic teenager that looms 10 stories up on a building near Union Square so that she may be revered.

The artist should have painted a cartoon balloon coming out of her mouth with her immortal words, “HOW DARE YOU?”

NOQ Report remarks:

[T]hose of us who recognize the risks of climate change hysteria realize the absurdity of a movement taking cues from a teenager who doesn’t understand the science or consequences of her actions.

But the global warming hoax is about control, not about science. Erecting giant portraits of Greta Thunberg is as likely to stop the climate from continuing to fluctuate as any of the supposedly scientific measures alarmists have proposed.

Totalitarians do love their icons. China gets giant pictures of Mao, Cuba gets Che Guevara, Venezuela gets Hugo Chavez. We get Greta Thunberg.

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