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Feb 14 2013

Crime and Punishment in Bloombergland

The warm glow of admiration felt by the whole country for the New York Police Department after the heroism of September 11 has faded markedly during Bloomberg’s interminable reign, dulled by accusations of corruption, apathy, and abusiveness. But it’s not as if law-breaking cops are never punished:

A cop who falsely claimed that a Sheepshead Bay [Brooklyn] man tried to run him down in a car was sentenced to four days in prison [with no probation afterward] — only one day more than his victim was locked up based on the officer’s bogus charges.

Officer Diego Palacios pleaded guilty at a hearing [last] Thursday in Brooklyn Supreme Court in exchange for a sentence of four days and his resignation from the New York City Police Department, the District Attorney’s office told Sheepshead Bites.

His victim, John Hockenjos, now fears for his safety.

Palacios arrested Hockenjos in February 2012, saying on a police report that Hockenjos drove his car at “a high rate of speed” towards the officer in an attempt to hit him, forcing him “to jump out of the way.” Hockenjos was charged with felony reckless endangerment and spent three days behind bars before making bail.

Fortunately, surveillance video proved that Palacios was lying, sparing Hockenjos from a potential seven years in prison. Not so fortunately, he still lives in the precinct. Despite Palacios’s remarkably light sentence for breaking a long list of laws, the department is bound to be annoyed, and Bloomberg’s NYC is not a safe place to annoy the police.

The bigger government gets, the less its agents can be trusted.

On a tip from Sean C.

9 Responses to “Crime and Punishment in Bloombergland”

  1. Jester says:

    I saw a movie once where only the police and military had guns. It was called “Schindler’s List”.

  2. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Palacenta states that “If I can’t be a crooked cop, I’m throwing my name in the hat for Democrat state representative. The people of Brooklyn deserve it!”

  3. Drury says:

    NYC, along with other urban shitholes like Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many others–are simply no-go zones for American Patriots. By not visiting these places, you can achieve multiple purposes of:

    A) retaining your Constitutional rights
    B) not economically supporting 0bama-loving drones
    C) reduce your chances of being a victim of criminals

    But then again, most Patriots are already aware of these facts and act accordingly.

  4. MissAnthropy says:

    Government is like fire: dangerous as a servant, terrifying as a master.

    Our Founders did everything humanly possible to warn us.

  5. dan says:

    gotta wonder how many sit in prison who were really framed … who weren’t fortunate enough to be on surveillance video

  6. Xavier says:

    A cop tried to do the same to me – testified that I had made death threats to him. Another policeman stood up and told the Judge he was lying. I’ll never understand exactly what went on in that courtroom that day, but there were no charges brought against the lying cop and my lawyer advised me to leave it alone. If not for the honest policeman, I’s probably be in jail or dead.

    Not all cops are dishonest but there’s plenty who abuse their power, and they don’t wear signs to tell you who to trust. Best to avoid them all.

  7. Flu-Bird says:

    hitler,stalin,mao,castro,obama all tyrants favor GUN CONREOL

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    NYC, a place controlled by leftist Demoncrats, is paying the price for replacing the rigid entrance qualifications they always had for the NYPD with diversity and affirmative action. Just wait until you see the picture of the 4′ 4″ lesbian in uniform!

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