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Mar 28 2018

Crimen Injuria: South African Woman Sentenced to 3 Years for Saying Racist Word

Imagine living in a country so tyrannical and deranged that you could receive a 3-year prison term for uttering a word deemed to be politically incorrect. This nightmare is reality in the rainbow utopia South Africa:

Convicted racist Vicki Momberg was sentenced to three years imprisonment with one year suspended by the Randburg Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan, who imposed the draconian sentence, self-righteously barks:

“This case has become public interest, some may think the sentence is harsh … It must send out a clear message for people who use the k-word.”

The “k-word” is “kaffir.” It’s okay if Muslims call us infidels kaffirs, but in South Africa it means Negro, and is currently regarded as a forbidden pejorative.

Momberg will serve the full 3 years if she says the illegal word again — or presumably if she says anything else that qualifies as crimen injuria.

America’s Founding Fathers had good reason to list the right of free speech even before the right to bear arms. It makes no difference if your country is a democracy. If you can be thrown in jail for vocabulary infractions, you are not free.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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