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May 14 2017

Crybully Triggered by Confederate Flag Pretends to Be Terrorized

The campaign to eradicate all reminders of the South as a cultural and historical entity continues. Portland social justice warrior Heather Franklin does her part with possibly the lamest hoax yet. Here’s how the local media reports it:

A Portland liquidation store has removed Confederate flag rugs and hopes to apologize to a woman who filmed employees of the store intimidating her after she asked about the rugs.

On Wednesday morning, according to Heather Franklin, 33, she … was shocked when she noticed a Confederate flag rug on display.

Even more surprising was the reaction of several store employees when she asked them about the rugs. Franklin said Wednesday over the phone that she began filming the store’s employees after they dismissed her concerns about the rug.

The big surprise was that rather than let the bully tell them what they could sell in their store, they treated her rudely β€” which she had gone out of her way to deserve.

In a second video, the two men and Franklin yell at each other across the parking lot. Franklin said the men were approaching her in the parking lot.

“I felt like they were going to come and physically hurt me,” Franklin said later.

In the video, Franklin becomes visibly distressed and the two men mock her for crying.

Now see what actually happened. Presenting the moonbat’s own video (sorry about the language):

The reason moonbattery is so far out of control is that we now cater to the demands and delusions of freaks like Heather Franklin instead of pumping them full of Thorazine and locking them in rubber rooms.

PJ Media lists a few lessons hate hoaxers can learn from this farce:

1. Do not angrily confront anyone with children in tow
2. Don’t lie about things that are verifiably untrue
3. If you can’t muster real tears, don’t bother

Heather’s display was phony and contemptible, yet it worked. Both the media and the CEO of Everyday Deals predictably took her side. The employees involved are on indefinite leave. People who want Confederate flag rugs will no longer be able to buy them at this store. By these tiny turns of the ratchet, a culture is erased.

On tips from Sean C, Dan F, Torcer, and Steve A.

30 Responses to “Crybully Triggered by Confederate Flag Pretends to Be Terrorized”

  1. KirklesWorth says:

    What a cupid stunt.

  2. richard says:

    If this is some sort of stealth advertising campaign, I think it will work very well. If I lived in Portland I would patronize this store.

  3. seaoh says:

    AND she had kids????? what ahole was so drunk and horny he thought it was a good idea to stick his d**k in that?

  4. StephaneDumas says:

    One of the OregonLive posters said she babysit one of them, I wonder….?

    Let’s see if the folks of /pol/4chan/8ch will discover some hidden skeletons in her closet? πŸ˜‰

  5. 50gary says:

    What a moron, to drag her children into a confrontation which she initiated is irresponsible. She probably scared her children to death? Note to her, don’t take your kids out on your own crusade, you don’t know how to control yourself.

  6. Bodhisattva says:

    First, it’s the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag, not a “Confederate Flag”:

    The Confederate States of America went through three different flags during the Civil War, but the battle flag wasn’t one of them. Instead, the flag that most people associate with the Confederacy was the battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

    Designed by the Confederate politician William Porcher Miles, the flag was rejected for use as the Confederacy’s official emblem.

    Second, are we sure that’s a woman? Not a guy who’s confused, like Bruce Jenner?

    The voice suggests not, but we don’t know at what age this precious snowflake might have received hormone treatments and what affect they might have had on voice quality.

    The facts are these: 58% of those who see this flag don’t care about it. Those who do are either Democrat moonbats or those who’ve been heavily indoctrinated by Democrat moonbats.

    In 1948, the newly-formed splinter group of Democrats, the segregationist Dixiecrat party, adopted the flag as a symbol of resistance to the federal government.

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  8. TED says:

    YET THIS does NOT offend HER!!!

  9. apeiron says:

    Banning everything that makes hyper-emotional females the slightest bit weepy is a piss poor plan.

  10. Rotohammer says:

    She’s confused. She should buy the rug so she can virtue signal every time she wipes her feet on it.

  11. SuicideChickenWing says:

    Un. Hinged.

  12. BillyBobBob the Deplorable Bob says:

    That’s no woman, dude!!

  13. Dick Turpin says:

    If you’re going to be a cunt,
    be a good cunt.
    Nobody likes a shit cunt.

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