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Aug 27 2022

Cui Bono? Not You

Who benefits from letting America be systematically destroyed by a senile left-wing corruptocrat? Some people, but not you. Biden’s own inner circle admits it:

Fox News’ Peter Doocy spoke with Education Secretary Miguel A. Cardona following President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $300 billion student loan debt “forgiveness.”

During the interview, Cardona — after being asked repeatedly by Doocy — finally revealed what many Americans already knew: The student loan handout offers absolutely no benefit to the vast majority of tax-paying Americans who either already paid off their student loans or never borrowed any to begin with.

Doocy: “The people that already paid their student loans … don’t get anything out of this deal.”

Cardona: “That’s right.”

For some to get a free ride, others have to pay for a ride they never took. Democrats refer to this as “fairness.”

College kids who prefer to stick other people with their bills are not the only beneficiaries of Democrat rule. The megarich who use the party to raise welfare recipients for votes the way farmers raise chickens for eggs make out better still. Some even benefit from the economically devastating Inflation “Reduction” Act. Bill Gates, for example:

“Everybody wants to be part of this,” Carmichael Roberts, the head of Bill Gates’s green energy investment fund, gushed. “The calls that I’m getting now — tremendous, already.”

Gates was described as having personally lobbied Senator Manchin and Schumer in “anticipation of a rare moment in which significant federal dollars might be secured for the clean-energy transition.” Billions of those dollars, ripped out of the hands of truck drivers, veterans and small businessmen, will have been “secured” for Gates and his ventures.

Helping the rich get richer and poor stay poor while squeezing the middle class out of existence is the Democrat mission.

As a Bloomberg article described, “This is no hypothetical for Gates. His investments through Breakthrough Energy, the Gates organization that does climate work, has sunk at least tens of millions into green cement startups such as Ecocem, Chement and Brimstone. None have yet reached commercial scale. He saw the bankruptcy filing of a battery startup he backed, Aquion, that might have had a fighting chance if energy-storage tax credits were available.”

As George Carlin would say, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”:

The board members and investors of Breakthrough Energy Ventures include Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Virgin’s Richard Branson, Facebook billionaire Dustin Moskowitz, Walmart heir Ben Walton, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, along with Chinese Communist tycoon Jack Ma of Alibaba and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Green energy boondoggles are certain to have no perceptible effect on the supposedly problematic weather. But they do have their advantages:

Where else can you invest a few hundred thousand in lobbying cash and come away with a few hundred billion in subsidies while the middle class pays for it?

As your standard of living deteriorates and your future grows dim, take solace that for the international ultrarich, Democrat rule is working out fine.

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