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Jun 06 2013


Just so no one (other than Google and Bing) forgets the blow that was struck against collectivist authoritarian moonbattery 69 years ago today and price that was paid to strike it:

Compliments of Turk. Tip from Bernie.

15 Responses to “D-Day”

  1. captain walker says:

    The local AM radio is playing a Reagan speech at Pointe Du Hoc from 1984 and audio from Dwight D. Eisenhower right now. How the pendulum has swung in the wrong direction the last 70 years.

  2. Xavier says:

    As a child I knew we won because good always wins.
    As an adult I realize how foolish that belief was.

  3. Kilroy Was Here says:

    The Germans insane command structure with Hitler having to approve the movement of tactical units, their fear of Patton’s ghost army of dummy inflatable equipment, lack of any airpower and the taming of the u-boats with airplanes and radar insured their defeat. It didn’t hurt that Rommel was back in Germany visiting family and the rest of the high command participating in war games at a French villa. The panzer units were too far from the coast and allied tactical bombing had blown up all bridges in Normandy and made any daytime movement too hazardous with ground attack planes. When Hitler finally woke up at noon he thought the whole thing was a feint and still believed the invasion would come at the Pais de Calais region of France.

  4. Jimbo says:

    “We don’t need no stinking history.”
    Charles Barkley, NBA retired, liberal activist.

    The idiot was speaking for ALL liberals. History screws up the idiots’ plans to repeat the biggest mistakes mankind ever made. Stupid people are extremely dangerous. Protect yourselves.

  5. wingmann says:

    God Bless ALL our military !

  6. Rich says:

    My father marched into Paris in 1945 – found my
    grandfather there……

  7. barfo says:

    Echoing wingmann

    God Bless ALL our miltary .

  8. Jester says:

    Surprise! The leftists at Google embargo YET ANOTHER patriotic holiday. Can’t wait for their giant art splash and kid-friendly mini game for Stalin, Mao, and Pol-Pot’s next birthdays… Stay classy, Google. Stay classy.

  9. dan says:

    I watched this last night….Surviving D-Day :
    warning,it’s a bit graphic (realistic)…so not suitable for the sensitive

  10. Momster says:

    Here’s remembering my husband’s beloved uncle, Landele MacArthur who fought in landings in North Africa, Anzio, and Normandy.

    God bless you, Mac, and all those who fought along side you.

  11. Sam Adams says:

    I flew my flag in honor of our military. God bless them all.

  12. gemalo says:

    Thanks. It’s about all I can say, and I can’t say it enough. This goes out to ALL the troops, past and present.

  13. KHarn says:

    Today is also the day that ROME was captured.

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    D-Day Yes Earth Day No

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