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Jun 13 2016

Daily News Hits New Low by Blaming Orlando Terror Attack on NRA

If anything could be almost as sick as jihadists expecting a demonic god to reward them for murdering the innocent, it is the propaganda spat up by expansionist Islam’s liberal enablers. This is how the execrable New York Daily News is covering the Islamic State bloodbath in Orlando:


As noted earlier, Omar Mateen worked for a security firm. He would have had access to firearms even if progressives had succeeded in disarming the rest of us. As last year’s nightclub attack in Paris proved, terrorists don’t have a hard time getting ahold of guns forbidden to the public anyway.

By liberal logic, if Mateen had used a car bomb, they would blame the attack on General Motors. Even that would be less twisted, because the Daily Snooze, Obama, and Shrillary are actually responding to an attack on American civilians on American soil by calling for Americans to be disarmed, thereby rendering us defenseless to inevitable future attacks.

The libs at ThinkProgess responded to Orlando the same way:


A gun committed the terror attack. The maniac who pulled the trigger and the ideology that motivated him are blameless. We are at the mercy of nonsentient tools.

If liberals were actually in the pay of ISIS their spin would be exactly the same.

On tips from Torcer, Jester, and Steve A. Hat tips: New Americana, Bradd Jaffy.


Mateen didn’t even use an AR-15. It was a Sig Sauer MCX carbine. But facts are altered as necessary to support the agenda, which includes banning the most popular rifle in America.

41 Responses to “Daily News Hits New Low by Blaming Orlando Terror Attack on NRA”

  1. Dan Northrup says:

    The hamstering to make this tragedy fit the narrative just got kicked into overdrive.

  2. Mexicano says:

    The NY Daily News is Jewish owned and run. That is all you need to know

  3. Paladin says:

    No mention that the only guns in this gun free zone were brought in by the bad guy. If the NRA had its way, law abiding citizens there would have been armed and stopped this guy before he did what he did.

  4. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Why? Because Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat? Because those Jews are just as clueless as those LGBT folks who stand up against “Islamophobia?”

  5. TED says:

    WHO didn’t know THIS was coming???!!

  6. TED says:

    TOO BAD lefty assholes but THAT is just NOT going to work! READ it and WEEP CRIMINALS!!

  7. Pat Owen says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to call this guy a maniac. He knew what he was doing.

  8. Stosh says:

    Another mass shooting by a registered Dumbocrap….simple, no guns for Dumbocraps or their security teams.

  9. MAS says:

    So it’s them Juuuz again eh?

  10. grayjohn says:

    Another orchestrated false flag event only this time sacrificing gay people at the alter of 1984, in my opinion of course, but progressives will use or kill anyone to get what they want. Thanks to the New York Daily News and all other liberal, progressive, terror enabling rags out there all across the USA. Way to go assholes.

  11. grayjohn says:

    And Allah, piss be upon him, knew too.

  12. TED says:

    THIS is the picture THEY NEED to run!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jack Bauer says:

    Sure morons…..

    Like placing further restrictions on all of OUR 2nd Amendment rights are going to prevent an Islamic terrorist from getting whatever gun they want. What kind of law, short of banning and confiscating all guns (what the airhead liberals really want…), would an Islamic terrorist bent murdering the “infidels”, be too afraid to violate?

    The country, and in particular the media, is being run by people that are either so drugged up on anti-depressants, or else they’re just plain f’ing crazy.

    We have to take control of our country back from these people or they are going to get us all killed.

    BTW….isn’t it a shame that there wasn’t just ONE person in that club with a concealed carry permit. This bastard couldn’t have been watching everyone at once, and someone could have popped him, and saved probably 80% of these casualties.

  14. StephaneDumas says:

    Paul Joseph Watson and Black Pigeon Speaks posted some good vlogs about this.–TrbY

  15. […] previously noted, Omar Mateen would have been able to get ahold of guns even if regular citizens were forbidden from […]

  16. Jack says:

    No false flag; This is bald-faced Islam with it’s veneer of civility stripped away. Today it is gays, tomorrow a church full of Catholics or a synagogue full of Jews or a stadium full of baseball fans. Blame Islam, not some shadow government

  17. Donna M says:

    Hey, Daily News!
    Taking “STUPID” to all new heights, I see…
    Lemme’ catch ya’ up on real events…
    I’ll speak very slow and plainly, so even you guys can understand…
    Radical…Islam….has been…killing people…since the 7th Century…
    This…is…not…the…first…time…they…have…violently…mass… tortured,…mutilated and murdered,…people that…they…don’t…agree…with.
    To…kill, maime or torture…a vast…amount…of people…at one time.

  18. MicahStone says:

    -“Co-Workers Knew Omar Mateen Was Dangerous But Said Nothing Because He Was a Muslim”
    —lunatic-left intimidation works…

  19. […] previously noted, Omar Mateen would have been able to get ahold of guns even if regular citizens were forbidden from […]

  20. Donna M says:

    By the way…
    This is, DIRECTLY, the wormwood’s and the beast’s fault…
    Yes! They did this, they’re responsible for creating and maintaining ISIS!
    They made deals, and sold them arms and weaponry.
    At one time, they even sent advisors to help train them, “secretly”, of course!
    That is why they are “hesitant” to go after them.

  21. Donna M says:


  22. Kevin R. says:

    Islamofacisits are at war with us but the Left is only at war with guns and self-defense.

  23. Donna M says:

    It’s already happened elsewhere…
    It had already began at 9/11…
    They were patiently waiting, for the Wormwood to end his tenure, because, he is one of them…!
    …but, even that is no longer a guarantee of protection.
    Radical Islam, is speedily catching up for lost time!

  24. […] previously noted, Omar Mateen would have been able to get ahold of guns even if regular citizens were forbidden from […]

  25. Mexicano says:

    With regard to the front page above, yes, absolutely.

    Bear in mind that it´s the Jews that have pushed mass immigration into western countries (though not Israel, funnily enough), and that they´re the ones behind gun control in the west (though not in Israel, funnily enough)

  26. Mexicano says:

    Pretty much.

  27. George Lortz says:

    The Daily News USED to be the working stiffs paper. It was small and easy to read on your subway ride to work. the Times was too big, and got in the face of your fellow stiffs. I think they changed direction to appeal to the limousine liberals , cause today, the average subway denizen is on a smartphone, ipad or some other device that won’t leave newsprint on their hands. Not to mention, they are probably riding the train to a protest, cause not too many N.Y.C. liberals actually work.

  28. grayjohn says:

    Right now I think if you blame one you blame the other.

  29. Henry says:

    Thanks, Pat.

  30. MAS says:

    Sneaky rascals that they are…conspiring to ruin the whole world all by themselves eh Adolph?

  31. Bodhisattva says:

    This is what the Democrats have turned us into – drug-addled powder kegs dependent on dangerous drugs:

  32. […] the more impermissible it is to acknowledge the threat. So the authorities blame the violence on the tools Muslims use or, bizarrely, on the Christians who stand in such stark […]

  33. […] the more impermissible it is to acknowledge the threat. So the authorities blame the violence on the tools Muslims use or, bizarrely, on the Christians who stand in such stark […]

  34. Mexicano says:

    Oh, I see what you did there. A brilliant rhetorical flourish, if I may say so. How will I ever recover…..?

    The simple fact is that Jews are sneaky rascals. They invented socialism / communism and have always been amongst its main advocates (it used to be called Jewish Bolshevism btw, which is a far more accurate term). Marx, Trotsky, the Frankfurt School, Alinsky, Piven … The list is virtually endless and people like Soros and Zuckerman (owner of the NY Daily News) are merely their spiritual heirs, continuing their good work.

    Here is an excellent article by Churchill on the matter from 1920.


    As you can see, he does you the service of distinguishing between religious Jews, international Jews and Zionist Jews. It is the international Jew to which I am referring and whose role / existence you seek to downplay.

    Why do they do they seek to weaken or destroy their host nations / institutions? Easy. It´s a survival strategy that has evolved over centuries. Lacking numbers and a homeland of their own they resolved to grab the levers of power (in the media, politics, finance, etc) and get others (Muslims, Blacks, etc) to do their dirty work for them. That´s why they are inevitably in favour of policies like mass immigration and gun control – irrespective of the consequences (such as this massacre in Orlando).

    This guy gets it –

    It´s a policy that has been wildly successful but which has a fatal flaw. Eventually it either kills the host or the host fights back. We have now reached that point.

  35. […] the more impermissible it is to acknowledge the threat. So the authorities blame the violence on the tools Muslims use or, bizarrely, on the Christians who stand in such stark […]

  36. dott says:

    Murderers simply want to murder people. Period.
    Cain used a rock. Ted Kazinski used mail bombs,
    The cretins who murdered British soldier Rigsby used a car and knives. Lizzy Borden used an axe.
    The Tsarnaevs used pressure cookers.
    We could ban rocks, the mail, cars, knives, pressure cookers, axes and every implement ever used by murderers, but they would still find a way to murder, because murder is their desire.

  37. dott says:

    You can say ‘Democrat’, you know.

  38. I know this is difficult for some, but there is a difference between LEGALLY buying a firearm and ILLEGALLY murdering people. I wonder if the anti-gun nuts would feel better if all 50 people were killed by explosives?

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