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Jun 06 2019

Dallas Police Chief: Criminals Are Forced to Commit Violent Crimes

What a coincidence. The best person for the job to be Chief of Police in Dallas happens to be a woman of African ancestry, just like in Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Durham, et cetera.

Incompetence is not the only danger when high-profile law enforcement positions are filled on an intersectionality basis. Ideology can be an even larger problem:

Speaking about two recent homicide cases, [Dallas Police Chief Renee] Hall said, “There are individuals in this city who have returned from prison who cannot find a job, who are not educated. In those instances those individuals are forced to commit violent acts.”

Mike Mata of the Dallas Police Association reponds:

“The Chief saying that people ‘forced to commit violent acts’ it places the blame on society and makes the offenders the victim.”

In a society dominated by liberal ideology, moral righteousness is determined by victimhood. If criminals are victims, it is law-abiding citizens who belong in jail.

They ought to make Mata the Chief — except that he’s a white male.

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