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Apr 18 2020

Dallas Starts Emptying Jails Because Wuhan Virus

It’s the yin and yang of anarchotyranny. As people are imprisoned with excessive bail for throwing a party or dragged off in handcuffs for exercising constitutional rights, authorities continue to let real criminals run loose:

About a thousand inmates have been released from the Dallas County jail to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 inside the facility. …

Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown … said social distancing in a confined environment is challenging, which is why she is trying to free up room.

Sheriff Brown’s move may have been in response to this:

A group of inmates at the Dallas County jail filed a federal lawsuit [April 9] to demand immediate release for inmates who are over 50 and considered “medically high-risk” for the coronavirus.

The defendant is Sheriff Marian Brown. This calls to mind the environmental groups that sue their friends at the EPA to “force” the agency to push their shared agenda to new extremes. A thousand loose criminals may not be the end of this.

The State of Texas has pushed back against the lawsuit, noting that the demand could include Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien serial killer from Kenya:

Chemirmir is accused of murdering 12 women—all between ages 75 and 94—by smothering them to death and making off with their jewelry. A state court judge set secured bail at $13.6 million. The federal government, moreover, has filed an immigration detainer with the Dallas County Jail, which means Chemirmir will be deported in the very unlikely event he ever steps foot outside of jail again. And now Plaintiffs ask this Court to consider setting him free because he, and others like him, might possibly be exposed to COVID19. It is obvious that releasing Chemirmir, and other violent felons, threatens the public’s safety, something echoed by law enforcement and victim’s rights advocates.

As a criminal, an illegal alien, and a person of politically preferred pigmentation, Chemirmir scores a political correctness trifecta. All he has to do is declare himself gay and they are sure to let him walk free. Because coronavirus.

Evidence that Sheriff Brown is a moonbat.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Frauds, Crooks and Criminals.

4 Responses to “Dallas Starts Emptying Jails Because Wuhan Virus”

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