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Jul 12 2019

David Solway States the Problem

David Solway may not have the solution, but he understands the problem, and that is at least a step toward solving it. We aren’t going to prevent the Left from destroying America by winning any arguments. The liberal darling of the day Megan Rapinoe made this clear when she proclaimed that she is glad to have a substantive conversation with anyone, so long as they agree with her. The Left’s conception of discourse consists of chanting preapproved slogans. Anything else would be racist. As Solway puts it,

Debate and discussion with any of the manifestations of the left is a non-starter since the left does not debate or discuss. It adheres to a rigid orthodoxy that will allow no reconsideration or reflection on the putative axioms it regards as sacred. It is, in essence, the contemporary version of Bolshevism. The left will lie, slander, cheat and commit violence to further its goals. Its mind is deadbolted shut.

There is not much use trying to win an argument with someone who is yelling in your face that you are a racist if you don’t hate your own race, or that the planet will perish if your taxes aren’t raised.

The Democrats in their current disposition are not interested in dealing. Antifa is not interested in negotiating. A totalitarian plutocrat like George Soros, who as a youth collaborated with the Nazis and is proud of it, is not interested in consultation.

If they aren’t interesting in dealing now, imagine how open-minded they will be when the open border and the welfare state change the demographics enough to put their Cultural Marxist coalition in permanent control of all branches of government.

As Lincoln is said to have said, America will not be destroyed from the outside. The enemy that intends to eradicate America, erasing its heritage and displacing its people, is attacking from within.

This enemy can’t be bought off with compromise. That only gives it more time to erode American values and cultural norms and utilize control of the media and education to brainwash more followers.

Reagan had the only useful strategy: “We win, they lose.” It worked in the Cold War; it will have to work in the Cold Civil War.

On a tip from Troy H.

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