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Jan 23 2013

Day of Resistance

Gun Appreciation Day caught moonbats by surprise last Saturday. Unfortunately, it also caught many patriots by surprise; if more people had known about it, and had known that the sleeping giant is waking up again, attendance would have been still larger — as it will surely be for the Day of Resistance rallies planned for one month from today.

John Hawkins issues a call to arms:

While Barack Obama is calling for Americans to give up their freedom, their rights, and their guns, we’re calling for Americans to resist. We’re calling on Tea Partiers, moderate Republicans, Libertarians and even moderate Democrats to stand up one month from today, on the 23rd of February and say, “No more!” Right Wing News is joining Dustin Stockton, Western Representation PAC and The Tea in calling for rallies all across the nation next month on the 23rd. It’ll be a Day of Resistance where gun owners and patriots can peacefully gather and show Barack Obama, the media, and the knockkneed Republicans in Congress that we may have lost a battle last November, but we haven’t lost the war. Don’t meekly give up your 2nd Amendment rights when you can stand with us and RESIST!

Mark Saturday, February 23 on your calendars, countermoonbats, and get your signs ready. The media can’t ignore us if enough turn out.

For help organizing a local rally and recruiting speakers, contact Dustin Stockton at

America isn’t dead yet. Help prove it.



Check this site for more information as it becomes available.

93 Responses to “Day of Resistance”

  1. Skyfall says:

    Be aware: if you Google or Bing “day of resistance” you’re going to get a bunch of hits for ultra-left wing sites. To be honest, I couldn’t find this at all using a search engine, just a bunch of anti-war, anti-American stuff mostly from 2001 thru 2007.

    If this is going to take off, they better be serious and get there cyber-act together or this will be just another lame, ill-prepared cluster-flop like…oh, say, Mitt Romney’s campaign.

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  3. IslandLifer says:

    Good stuff!!!!!

  4. Son of Taz says:

    I just searched on Google for “day of resistance” (with quotes) and found dozens of hits.

  5. Katya Kakhov says:

    This is as good a place as any to recommend a good manual .

    Der totale Widerstand , a real page turner that’s still relevant .

  6. Karin says:

    The first one was promoted primarily for capital cities. In the dead of winter. If the 2/23 one is geared toward everybody’s locale, like the tea parties were 3-4 years ago, it might go over better. Everyone spread the word.

  7. Karin says:

    I don’t know what skyfall is talking about up there. There’s tons of returns when you google it.
    Tea party patriots + 2A Constitutional patriots. We can be formidable, people. We must not be steamrolled by the jug-eared Kenyan and the screeching moonbats.

  8. Johnny Rebel says:

    All that believe in FREEDOM should support this effort ! Thank you

  9. Great job !! Count me in !!

  10. Blacksphere Nation !!! Count us in !!

  11. Martin says:

    We’re not planning very good, because Tea Party and most local resources here in AZ are saying Rally at state capital Feb 16th, your saying Feb 23. Are you contacting anyone for this?

  12. CL Hughey says:

    I’m in

  13. Patrick says:

    Time and place would be extremely helpful. And please don’t do the state capital thing again. With the economy, and jobless rate as they are, many of us can’t travel 2+ hours or more to get to these places.

  14. I’m with y’all I’m so sick and tired of a few in Washington who think they can control my life better than me from money,guns,food who do they think they are this is still the USA and its freedom we want not constraint because a few loose screws

  15. susan hudson says:

    I support what the Tea Party stands for and what you are doing. I wish you had a stronger rallying voice like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin was in the past. Good luck and stay calm in trying circumstances.

  16. Richard Driggers says:

    Count me in anywhere you’re meeting. I’ll drive 2+ hours for my right to bear arms!

  17. Larry says:

    God bless john hawkins and ask patriots who believe in the constitution (and a once great nation who is more and more morally corrupt…100% support…

  18. Paratrpr52 says:

    Lets do it. These bastards need a taste of their own medicine. Use the tactics they use against them. Enough is enough, we all need to band together and let them know this is the last straw. We will not be enslaved.

  19. Robert Rice says:

    I would love to participate if there is a location within my stste. The economy makes anything else impossible. Please post locations and times

  20. Dan says:

    It needs a unique name – basically a brand for the event. “They” did a great job with the “O” logo and marketing. We need to be even better…

  21. Wade says:

    We have to fundamentally change (heard that one before?) the government from how it is now. They need to stop being the elitists they are now and stay in their districts 9 monthz ouf of the year and go to D.C. to take care of business for three. They need to obey the laws they write for us.

  22. Pat says:

    Everyone needs to share this event page on facebook, and get it out onto all the social networking sites. Semper Fi all you like-minded patriots!

  23. Eva says:

    I hope there is a rally near Houston Texas! I would surly be there!! Lets get our country back!

  24. Dan says:

    I’d suggest “FreedomEvent” but the domain name is about $1000.

  25. Jason Harper says:

    SEMPER FI!!! Where is it taking place for Ohioans?

  26. Phranque Ess says:

    Calendar is marked accordingly.

  27. curtis says:

    I am in lets do it–so cal

  28. Mike Montgomery says:

    I am a man, I am Freedom, I am America….I will

  29. Olie says:

    Yeah, Baby.Make some noise!

  30. David L Dempsey says:

    Yes, we must Stand Up and Protect our Second Amendment Rights because these Gun Control Fanatics will do Anything to try to Undermine our Second Amendment.
    Feb. 23, 2013
    Day of Resistance

  31. Wesley Martin says:

    Let Freedom Ring. Freedom and this Constitutional Republic are our birthright and our children’s birthright, we must protect it.

  32. amanda ackerman says:

    I’m in Central PA, where are we rallying at?? I will be there!!

  33. Wayne says:

    Time to stand up for the Constitution and Liberty!!

  34. J.C. says:

    What could be a better name than: “We The People”

  35. Gina says:

    Time for our voices to be heard. This is OUR Country!

  36. AtlantaBob says:

    time for Marco Rubio to get involved, much like Michelle Bachman did in 2009(?). She was on Hannity on a Thursday night and called everyone to the Capital. I called a buddy and we bought tickets that night. 40,000 of us on the steps of the Capital and then swarming through the Congressional offices later. Time for something similar but even more forceful.

  37. STOP Amending and Re-writing the U.S.Constitution to fit your agenda,Obama!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dan says:

    I just secured and .org — if qualified people can run with it and build a site and brand this thing, I’ll turn over the domain to them.

  39. BONNIE ADAMS says:

    The people of Judah were under attack (again), so they went into the wilderness and began to worship and praise GOD with a whole heart and with shouting. The mechanics of this event are similar to the conquests of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho. “When GOD’S people began singing and praising, the LORD set ambushes against the sons of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; so they were routed.” (2Chronicles 21:19-24)

  40. Chris says:

    Where in Los Angeles?

  41. Mapperman says:

    Perhaps rally at the County Seat Court Houses? That may help with cutting back on distances traveled and still keep numbers of participants up. …plus it would be sasier for media to cover. Be civil and take your trash home or dispose of it properly. If you don’t clean up behind you, it gets negative coverage every time. Y’all stay safe out there.

  42. Mowdown Joe says:

    Let’s get organized, freedom lovers and patriots. Like the old teaparty gatherings we had in the 2010 house and senate elections

  43. Deb says:


  44. Terry Singleton says:

    Hope for good times

  45. wvobiwan says:

    What if they decreed an executive order and nobody complied? I will nott give up the rights accorded to me by God, and paid for with the blood of patriots.

  46. Sue Smith says:

    I was just thinking thar we should call ourselves community organizers. If each one of us stood up, all of us could qualify to replace, the worst president of our history. I pray that every fallen soldiers that died for our country surround the white house and rebuke evil.

  47. Richard Young says:

    Thanks for getting something started. If the 2nd amendment is meaningless, so is the rest of our constitution.

  48. Tony Barrett says:

    It is true we don’t have a voice, but it is time to protest. Make this protest as large, noticeable, peaceful, but where the most attention will be drawn to it. It is obvious we can not rely on main stream media to cover the story properly. If we are few standing there with banners on interstate, the media will try to pass us off as a bunch of idiot, racist, radicals like they have done many times.

    We do need a voice! By our groups banning together with other like minded groups, forming a council from these groups, to arrange protest, and when needed speak for our movement. We need big names such as strong Conservative Officials, Sarah Palin, Utah Sheriffs, Actors, Comedians, Musicians (Ted Nuggent, Ray Stevens & Charlie Daniels to name a few) who stand with us on theissues. I am sorry but I do not feel a couple hours protest is going to draw the attention we need. Obama & his bunch of Liberals are more dedicated in taking our rights away than the average conservative is about keeping them. Remember the take over of Wall Street. This is the kind of dedication we need, pitch a tent and stay for days if needed. We need to stage an event the world will not be able to ignore or forget!

    Treat this as workers would if they were on strike for being treated unfairly, and WE ARE BEING TREATED UNFAIRLY! Arrange shifts so our presence if always felt and noticed by all reporters politicians & the World !

    And like the Tea Party before us pitch some tea in the harbor if that is what it takes!

  49. Vic Henry says:

    Long live the 2nd amendment!

  50. David says:

    I shoot .762X51 but will be glad to join you on 2/23, we can do it again on 3/08. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Thomas Jefferson

  51. David cole says:

    America needs to stand as one because divided we will fall. 2/23, I’m in.

  52. lyn says:

    It’s about time we all stand together for what’s right….. (digging through my closet for my old combat boots just in case I’ll need them) I’m ready. Lets Do this!!!

  53. Ken says:

    There’s an old saying. “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands”. On this issue I live by that. Change is not always a good thing and the changes we have been experiencing the last four years and what we will the next four are anything but good.

  54. Pete Budd says:

    In Arizona. Where and what time?

    Molon Labe

  55. Jimmy Phillips says:

    God bless America and our constitutional rights to bear arms !

  56. DR Jones says:

    It is time to get the thugs out of OUR Whitehouse!! Let’s do this thing…

  57. Sooze-E-Q says:

    Need listings of events planned in each state…I need info for Florida. Where can we get this info from?

  58. Susan says:

    Good for you!!! We conservatives interested in keeping our constitutional rights, need more sites like this where we can gather

  59. MARGARET says:


  60. JoAnn says:

    LETS DO THIS!!!!! Phx Metro…give me where and the time and I’m there!

  61. Ernest Augustine says:

    All that believe in FREEDOM should support this effort! Lets get the word out to everyone we can!!

  62. Jennifer klingbyll says:

    I totally support this 100%!!I’m in Phoenix.. Just need a time … Thank you so much for organizing this event!!..

  63. MIKE RANKIN says:


  64. larry says:

    GOD BLESS AMERICA — lets get it done.

  65. richard terry says:

    I Think it is a good thing you are doing. If i knew if oklahoma was having one i would go.

  66. Kenneth Beiber says:

    “Lets roll”

  67. whiskeytangofoxtrot says:

    Please keep us informed of activities scheduled for this date!

  68. mike ridgwell says:

    Sounds great.could some one let me know of any rallies around virginia beach area or the closest one , thanks keep up the good work

  69. Dawn says:

    Thanks for all your hard work–we are with you 100%!!

  70. Rendina says:

    Need something close to Tallahassee Florida and I’ll be there!! We Need To Get It Together!!

  71. Angela says:

    Is anything being planned for Long Island, NY.

  72. Joe Shedd says:

    All gun owners need to get out and support this, not just for gun rights but freedom also

  73. Anthony Perruc says:

    Duly noted. I will inform all those know. Spread the word folks. I just can’t believe the government that the 2nd Amendment warns you about is the SAME government trying to take your weapons. The stupidity is overwhelming. Such hubris.

  74. Lee Snider says:

    Finally somebody really standing up to this tyrannical government ! You can count this old soldier in..I think U can count most of Idaho in too !!

  75. Joseph says:

    What about Mempis TN yea I mean the misspelling

  76. Diane Tennison says:

    I am for this and wish I were young so I could be in it, I will make sure a lot of people in Louisiana know!!

  77. Justin Hoover says:

    Let Me know what I can do to help. Im in Fayetteville AR and would love to plan a rally here in the tow square

  78. Just keep us informed about when and where. I’m just north of Atlanta.

  79. just let me know where and when ,so glad to know there are other who knows Obama is not good for this country

  80. SH says:

    Thanks for promoting this! I will be at the AZ one!

  81. Adam Tillery says:

    God will never bless an abomination.

    God will never bless [ AN-OBAMA-NATION ]

    -Jesus Christ

  82. Bob Scouler says:

    We have ALL got to do something to STOP this Dictator! Please advise and I will get as many friends and relatives to join in!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Barack Obama is a LIAR, THIEF and now because of Benghazi he IS a MURDERER!!!!!

  83. Ed Harry says:

    Dan says:
    January 25, 2013 at 2:05 pm
    It needs a unique name – basically a brand for the event. “They” did a great job with the “O” logo and marketing. We need to be even better…

    Dan, I could help with some webediting, if someome is able to work with the Branding and such… Kudos to you for already making some effort. Perhaps a facebook group page would also help.

  84. Steve Goley says:

    Thank you for the courage and backbone to lead……!!!

  85. david coyner says:

    Sound like a great idea… hope u can get the word out…the press will never metion it…what we need is thousands in dc rasing 3 kinds of hell…do that and odumass and his press would sallow their lying tounges ….but that won’t happen..think its to litle to late……but good luck ..hope it turns out great…at least some of u r trying to save this dying country..

  86. Sherry says:

    Thanks to all Patriots let us know where in North Alabama!

  87. herbert fletcher says:

    we must stand up to the devils advocate whos name is obama. if we just lay down and do nothing this man will walk on us. if we dont have the guts to stand up and appose this man we deserve it….

  88. Ed Harry says:

    Let’s hope that is no. The case, David Coyner…. I sure hope it isn’t. I am a 100% disabled Navy Veteran. I don’t have any guns, but I used to, and even had a concealed carrying permit. But I still want the right to be able to have one if and when I want. I have fought for rights for other men and women in other countries, this is one I cannot stand idly by and watch it be taken away from my own countrymen and women.

  89. Hal says:

    We need to get this done. I’ll get the word out in my area.

  90. Frank Sperling says:

    As a child, I remember an old saying “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” I think this is that time!

  91. april carroll says:

    About time we all organized something they will see and hear!

  92. Keith P. Lee says:

    I’m trying to put one together in Bell County, Texas. Let’s make this a day the Liberals will never forget. The day their idea to yet again wipe their feet on the constitution, and take our weapons came crashing down and buried them.

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