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Jul 16 2013

DC March for Jobs

What with all the Passion of Saint Skittles coverage, the “mainstream” media just didn’t have time to report on yesterday’s DC March for Jobs rally, at which Americans of all stripes came from across the country to protest our liberal and RINO rulers’ amnesty intentions. No doubt otherwise this would have received full coverage (kidding, of course). Via Doug Ross:





People are beginning to realize that no one but our quisling rulers and Third World foreigners would benefit from amnesty. The rest of us stand to get shafted out of our jobs and out of our country.

10 Responses to “DC March for Jobs”

  1. Bo Jangles says:

    I’m not a bit surprised that this would be a big issue, especially for many blacks. They see all their govt. “goodies” now going to the illegals, and they know the country’s in no financial shape to support two groups of parasites. You would think most of the outrage would be coming from the tax-paying fools of this nation, the ones who have to pay everybody’s bills, but it isn’t.

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    This sure beats showing pictures of all those idiots supporting Trayvon

  3. Tax Slave says:

    Any of Zimmerman’s relatives illegal aliens, now or in the past?

  4. Jodie says:

    Recovery Summer Version 3.0 says:
    July 16, 2013 at 8:55 am

    As much as I love a Big Mac, I decided a while back that it is not worth giving a dime to McDonalds.

    First, they got into bed with Obama a couple years ago with their phony, hiring 50,000 workers in one day stunt. Then they got into bed with Mooshell and her phony healthy eating campaign. To top it off, they can’t even make a decent milk shake.

    Now, this “teaching workers how to budget”, is straight out of Obama’s playbook – aimed at controlling America’s youth:

    “In a proclamation issued from the White House, Obama stated he wanted to instruct American youth “how to budget responsibly.”

    Even as the Obama Administration extends into its fifth year, he still hasn’t submitted a federal budget to the U.S. Congress as required by law.”

  5. Just Sayin says:

    Let’s try that protest sigh from a different perspective.

    The white US is not responsible for supporting a failed black culture.

  6. cully stout beer says:

    @Jodie they also have the 365black campaign. I haven’t had mcd’s since the late 1990s when it took three trips through the drive-thru to get a simple order right. They probably take EBT cards by now.

  7. Jodie says:

    cully stout beer,

    I just looked that up. Ugh! That IS another good reason not to patronize McDonalds!

  8. whotothewhat says:

    Well the problem was, this march made to much sense. That is why the media did not cover it.

  9. Bob Roberts says:

    On another somewhat related note, you may recall DC just passed a “living wage” law that specifically targeted Wal-Mart?

    Maybe the DC government needs to get their own house in order first?

    “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

    Someone needs to carve those words onto a wall in the D.C. Council legislative chamber.

    Last week, the Council approved a measure that would require Walmart and other large retailers doing business in the District to pay a “living wage” of $12.50 per hour.

    But… uh oh. Hypocrisy alert.

    District government pays less than $12.50 per hour.

    According to the D.C. Department of Human Resources, some full-time school maintenance workers and custodians make $11.75 per hour. The rate for a clerk at the University of the District of Columbia is $10.40.

    Council members went to great lengths to criticize Walmart’s pay scale. They should have taken care of their own business first.

    The Council’s thinking is flawed on other accounts, too. Their law targets Walmart while exempting other businesses from paying higher salaries.

    Here is a better idea: Raise the current minimum wage in D.C. — $8.25 per hour — for every worker. Scale it up incrementally over time.

    And here is another idea: If you are a politician extolling the virtues of a living wage, make sure the government employees over whom you preside are making a living wage.

    The D.C. Council’s shenanigans are scaring off potential employers, not just Walmart. In a city where unemployment is a huge problem, that’s bad business.

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