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Mar 06 2019

De Blasio Rubs Red Sox in New York’s Face

As I was just saying, the treasonous impulse at the root of liberalism requires always siding with the other against your own culture. That’s why, as Mayor of Burlington at the height of the Cold War, Bernie Sanders belligerently displayed a Soviet flag on his office wall. It is why NYC’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez squeaks that Congress should not have authorized a military response against Al Qaeda after 9/11. It is why the Mayor of New York obnoxiously displays his allegiance to the Boston Red Sox:

If you don’t like the Yankees for some reason, root for the Mets. But the archenemy Boston Red Sox? This is the treasonous impulse intrinsic to liberalism on full display.

Former Yankees manager Joe Girardi responds:

On a tip from Varla.

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