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Mar 21 2021

De Blasio Wants Police to Scare the Politically Incorrect

Meanwhile, as New York City disintegrates into anarchy, Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing his part to exploit the racially irrelevant shootings in Atlanta by deploying speech police:

Bill de Blasio said the NYPD could visit those accused of racism or discrimination, “even if something is not a criminal case.” The exchange happened near the end of the “media availability” event when a Washington Post reporter questioned de Blasio about his response to reports of racism, specifically toward Asian Americans over the course of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea that “white supremacists” are targeting Asians is the liberal establishment media’s false narrative du jour. In reality, if there has been a rise in violence against Asians, it was caused not by Trump saying “China virus,” but by the collapse of law and order in the face of Black Lives Matter. That’s why most of the perpetrators are black.

Never mind reality. Let’s return to the pseudo-world fabricated by Democrat politicians with help from the media. Yaps de Blasio:

“And my message to all New Yorkers and particularly to Asian American New Yorkers at this point, is please report what you see. We need it. We need to know what’s happening. We need to know if you’ve been treated wrongly. If you’ve been a victim of discrimination, if you have been a victim of a hate crime, if you’ve been a victim of violence based on who you are, we need to know about [it] immediately.”

What if it’s not actually a crime, but just some statement that could be construed as insensitive? Call the cops anyway, says de Blasio:

“One of the things officers are trained to do is to give warnings. If someone has done something wrong, but not rising to a criminal level, it’s perfectly appropriate for an NYPD officer to talk to them to say that was not appropriate. … I assure you if an NYPD officer calls you or shows up at your door to ask about something that you did, that makes people think twice. And we need that.”

That is, we need the police to intimidate people over accusations of political incorrectness.

De Blasio boasts that his administration has been creating “a new policy to widen the definition of what would qualify as hate crimes.” It is already illegal to say “illegal alien” in New York City. Soon the cops may do more than put a scare in you if a neighbor rats you out for calling COVID-19 the China virus.

Asians make more money than whites in this country. They are systematically discriminated against through Affirmative Action. Keeping them in the Democrat cultural Marxist coalition won’t be easy. That’s why the media/Democrats reacted to the Atlanta shootings with such a hysterical barrage of lies.

Of course, authoritarians like de Blasio will also welcome any opportunity to restrict free speech.

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